How To Farm VC Fast In NBA 2K18

NBA VC Farming Guide

VC in NBA 2K18 is nothing else but the Virtual Currency, which can be used to buy apparel, haircut, stats and much more. These can be earned in the game while playing matches and exploring and some can be earned spending real money. In this guide we have listed all the possible ways that you can get the VC as fast as possible. So let’s Bounce the Ball.

NBA VC Farming Guide

How to Get VC fast

Below we have mentioned all the possible ways to get the VC fast.

  1. You will have 600 VC daily for using the MyNBA 2K18 app. The app has the feature to scan your face for MyCareer.
  2. You will have 500 VC from matches in Quick Game.
  3. 100 VC from daily Login Bonus. 
  4. One can also earn VC by playing in My Career mode from 700 -1500 (Depending on your Performance).
  5. The interactive Episodes of the game can also let you have 500 VC just by simply answering some of the questions. (Episodes are out every week so have an eye on them.)
  6. Earn Money for no efforts by simulating matches with SimCast in MyLeague.
  7. You can earn money by exploring the Neighborhood too.
  8. Answering to Trivia’s each and every question will also let you have 25VC.
  9. You can to betting and predict 3 matches to earn VC’s.
  10. And the last by buying VC from the Store.

Tats all for this VC farming guide for NBA 2K18.

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