How to Unlock Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Secret Characters

Marvel vs Capcom 3 fans are aware that developer have enabled us to play with 32 Characters in the game. Apart from these thirty two, there are 6 more characters in the game which are locked and can be unlock. Gamers can perform a particular task for unlocking these 6 special characters. Details of unlocking each and every characters are listed below. Check them out.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Two out the six hidden character will be unlocked via a DLC which will be available with the special edition of Marvel vs Capcom 3. These two characters are Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath. If you are going not going for a special edition of the game and still want these two characters then you need to wait till March 15, as both of them will be available for purchase.

Tips for unlocking four other characters:

For unlocking AKUMA
Get 2,000 Player Points.

For unlocking SENTINEL
Get 4,000 Player Points (PP)

Unlocking HSEIN-KO
Get 6,000 Player Points

Get 8,000 Player Points

Tips to get more Player Points:

If you want to have more and more player points in your kit, then simply play the game's Arcade Mode from start to finish on Easy difficulty level. The second way to get your hands on more Player Points is by playing through Missions, taking part in online matches and many such things.

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