Killzone 3 Walkthrough Video Guide

Guerrilla Games much awaited Sci-Fi shooter Killzone 3 has finally arrived on Playstation 3. Finally fans can carry on the story of Sev, Rico and ISA invansion forces as they all battle it out for their survival on Helghan planet.


Killzone 3 kicks off immediately after the events of Killzone 2, After the death of Visari in Killzone 2, Helghan government has appointed Admiral Orlock as the new leader of Helghast. Gamers will immediately move onto Helghan territory where they will came to know that Captain Narville of the ISA has been kidnap and held as a captive by Chariman Stahl. The moment gamers find out that the man in Helghan Suit is Sev, the gameplay story shift backs to the end events in Killzone 2, and from that moments onwards a story to the never ending battle between the ISA and Helghast starts. During entire game, gamers has to play according to the story until they are taken to the event where Killzone 3 started and uncover the sinister plot of Helghan (which is a shocker for gamers till the end).

To help you out in your battle for survival, we present to you a complete Killzone 3 Walkthrough video guide.

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