Mario Tennis Aces Rackets | Unlock All Rackets And Their Stats

Mario Tennis Aces - All Rackets Unlock Guide

Rackets in Mario Tennis Aces are important to help you progress through the game. When you first begin playing Mario tennis Aces in Adventure Mode you get one Racket (the default one). As you keep playing the game you can unlock better rackets with better stats. Not only these rackets are better than the basic Racket you get at the start of the game but it also provides Mario with an extra option in case you break a Racket during a Boss fight. This Guide will tell you how to Unlock All Rackets in Mario Tennis Aces and stats of each racket.

Mario Tennis Aces - All Rackets Unlock Guide

How To Unlock All Rackets

Before moving to the steps you need to follow to unlock all the rackets in Mario Tennis Aces, let's take a look at all rackets stats parameters and when exactly they mean.

  • Attack - Shows you how much damage you can cause on your opponent's Racket. 
  • Defense - Shows you how much damage your racket takes from special shots and zone shots.
  • Durability - Shows you how much damage your racket can take before it breaks.

1 - Mario's Racket (Default)

You default racket at the start of the game.


2 - Wooden Racket (Forest Edge)

You meet Spike at Forest Edge where he tells you he's making a Racket with the wood from a fallen tree. Forest Edge has the finest wood that is ideal for making rackets. He then asks you to help him improve his defensives. By challenging you to return the balls thrown at you by the Piranha Plants. 

Return 20 balls that the Piranha Plants Shoot at you to any area in the court that Spike can't reach. You need to hit shots past Spike to get your Wooden racket.

Make sure Spike doesn't return your ball. Pres Up using the analog stick for long distance shots. When he is close to the net hit the ball over his head. If he's standing far behind hit the ball just after the net. Make use of all shots.


3 - Mirror Racket (Detour) 

You will find the Mirror Racket in Boo's territory next to the mansion. You meet Boo and he offers you a present, but to which you need to earn for. A racket made of Mirrors. He challenges you to a rally till you reach 300 points. You also get bonus points as the rally goes on, so make sure you keep the rally on. 

Once you win the Challenge by Boo and he gives you the Mirror Racket he also becomes your supporter and agrees on cheering you on as you play matches. 


4 - Ice Racket (Snowfall Mountains)

In Snowfall Mountains you need to knock down all 800 panels on the other side of the court in 180 seconds. This challenge will also help you aim your shots in the direction you want.

Use special shots to knock down two or more panels. Missing any panels would result in losing 10 seconds of your time.  

Hit down all 800 panels in 180 seconds and you will get the Ice Racket. 


5 - Shell racket (Savage Sea)

At Savage Sea, you'll meet ol' Kamek, and he challenges you to a rally till you reach 400 points. When you complete the challenge he rewards you with the Shell racket. 

This challenge is at an intermediate level so you need to be at your best. Use all your special shots at the right time. Make sure you also have enough energy to slow down time, to block Special shots, Zone shots and for returns you cannot reach. 

The Court at Savage Sea is on a ship and has a mast in the middle making your opponent's shots hit the mast and fall on the other half of your court, so be sharp. 

shell-racket- mario-tennis-aces

6 - Flame Racket (Castle Practice Court)

To get the Flame racket at Castle Practice Court you are challenged with hitting 1000 panels in 180 seconds. This task is leveled at an advanced level difficulty. Use your Special shots and Zone shots to get multiple panels. Try hitting panels with the star sign which would give you extra points. Missing a panel would result in you losing time. Keep hitting and time your shots well and you should complete the challenge and aim your reward easily. Along with Rackets you also gain Experience points and Level up.

These are all the Rackets that you earn in Mario Tennis Aces.

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