How to Catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest - How To Catch A Legendary Pokemon

Catching Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Quest is easier compared to other games but isn't the same. You don't have too much to do when you want to catch Legendary Pokemon's or Mythical Pokemon's - just concentrate on having the necessary items so you can make the recipe and then you can catch them. Let's get straight onto the steps on How To Catch Legendary Pokemon (and Mythical Pokemon) in Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest - How To Catch A Legendary Pokemon

How To Catch Legendary Pokemon

Basic Requirements To Catch A Legendary Pokemon

The basic requirements to catch a Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Quest are as follow:

  1. Reach Mission Set 12.
  2. Unlock Mystical Shells - You can do it by completing Missions 12-1 and beyond. Continue doing the missions until you unlock a Mystical Shells
  3. Use the Mystical Shells you unlock in the above step to make an Ambrosia Of Legends Recipes.

Now, let's get straight into some more details on the above mention steps.

Reach Mission Set 12 Details:


To catch Legendary Pokemon you need to wait till you're on expedition 12-1 or higher. When you reach 12-1 you will start to see Pokemon bosses (NOTE: that's not going to be the case always, Legendary Pokemon won't always appear as bosses). Only when you reach on a higher expedition you will see nothing before that. 

Mystical Shells:

mystical shells

When you fight a Legendary Pokemon boss and end up defeating them they drop Mystical shell that is used for making food.  Do many expeditions before you get enough Mystical Shells to make the Ambrosia Legends.

What Is The Recipe for Ambrosia of Legends

Ambrosia Legends Ambrosia lengends2

Ambrosia Legends is an item that allows you to attract Legendary Pokemon's like Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mews. The more Mystical Shells you collect the more chances you get of luring a Legendary Pokemon to your camp. If you use more than one Mystical Shell you will have a chance of a Legendary Pokemon coming to your camp. 

Ambrosia Legends Recipes

Mystical Shell - 1
Anything Else - 4

Mystical Shell - 2
Anything Else - 3

Mystical Shell – 3
Rainbow Matter - 2

Mystical Shell - 4
Anything Else - 1

Mystical Shell – 5

Luring pokemon.jpg 

Pokemon Attracted 

  • Articuno
  • Mew
  • Mewtwo
  • Moltres
  • Zapdos

This is how you attract Legendary Pokemon's in Pokemon Quests. If you want to catch Pikachu in Pokemon's Quest, refer to our How to catch Pikachu guide.

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