SCUM: 5 Best Landing And Loot Locations

SCUM - 5 Best Adventuring Location

Let's say that you've just logged into SCUM and you're looking for adventure, the same three questions pass through your head. Where am I? What am I doing? Where do I go?

SCUM - 5 Best Adventuring Location

Luckily, in my time playing I've found a few interesting locations that will make life a little easier and more exciting in your journey through SCUM.

Best Locations For Adventuring Convict


The first on our list is the most obvious; the Airfield. It's a high risk/reward area with a lot of odds stacked against a new spawn. The mechs patrolling the Airfield are quite possibly, SCUM's most lethal adversary, but they have their weaknesses. The mechs have a very narrow sight cone which extends directly out in front of them, that makes them easy to sneak around once you memorise their patrol routes. If you manage to slip past them and into the buildings you might just make it out of there with some sweet loot.



This entry is less about good loot and more about an awesome spot to explore. Hidden within the west end of C2, beneath the Dam, is a full-sized replica of the Prison setting from the popular TV Show The Walking Dead. The attention to detail in this awesome Easter egg is phenomenal, the clutter and containers are positioned in almost perfect detail when compared to the source material and the rooms inside the prison are identical to the sets from the show. If you are geared out and looking for a cool place to explore this entry sits at the top but beware, there are a lot of mechs patrolling this area too.



This particular entry is a nice surprise to stumble across, given that the high tier loot areas are always protected by a fleet of mechs. Located in the bottom corner of C3 is a small body of water, if you hike a small distance north into the forest, you'll find an abandoned military trench that has no mechs, few Puppets and a healthy supply of juicy loot for you to plunder. It also has a nice and mysterious setting to it which makes for good screenshots should you feel the need to add nice spectacle to your steam profile.


Gun Range

Just south of the Airfield, you'll find the Gun Range, a handily loot-able zone with no mech patrols. While this location isn't always ripe with weapons and armor, you might be lucky enough to refresh your ammo stores or collect a few knives. While this location doesn't feature a fleet of walking death machines, it is densely packed with Puppets, so if you are going to fire a few testing shots down range, expect the Puppet Welcoming Committee to come out in force. (Puppets swarm to gun shots)



Our last entry is a half pleasure, half practical stop. Right at the border of C2 and C3 connecting the river to the lake at the center of the map, sits the Dam. If you travel from the west, you will reach the top end of the Dam which overlooks the lake in quite a spectacular fashion. Although, while the top end doesn't have much loot, it does make for a breathtaking sight and it might be worth turning all those graphics settings up to max for some epic screenshots. The bottom half on the other hand, is patrolled by its own fleet of mechs which means there is a healthy store of loot should you venture down there.


And there you have it, if you're looking for adventure or just want some nice gear, these spots should be a go-to on your journey across the SCUM landscape.

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