How to unlock Rush Jet | Mega Man 11 Walkthrough

Mega Man 11 Rush Jet Guide

Rush, Mega Man's faithful robotic canine, has two life-saving abilities in Mega Man 11 that can help you access unreachable areas and skip large parts of stages that would otherwise be annoying to complete.

Rush Coil is the ability that you're given at the start of the game. With this ability, Rush acts as a springboard that launches Mega Man into the air, giving you the chance to skip portions of a stage or reach high-up objects.

Mega Man 11 Rush Jet Guide

Unlock Rush Jet

But something is painfully missing from the starting ability pool: Rush Jet. Rush Jet turns Rush into a hovering surfboard that gives Mega Man the option to glide over portions of the stage. The ability has saved many players in the past from having to do annoying jumping sections or puzzles that would either waste time or force an unnecessary death.

Luckily, Rush Jet is in the game, and it's pretty easy to unlock.

All you need to do is complete four stages and Rush Jet will be unlocked as part of the story. So it's wise to initially avoid stages that might be difficult to traverse until you unlock Rush Jet in the future.

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