Dragon Age 2 Money cheat and infinite EXP glitch

A glitch has been discovered in Bioware's latest release RPG Dragon Age II. The glitch is called Dragon Age 2 money cheat and infinite EXP glitch, with the help of this glitch gamers can collect quick cash and EXP.

Dragon Age II screenshot

Here are the steps that gamers need to follow in order to take advantage of money cheat and EXP glitch to collect quick cash and EXP:

Step 1: Complete any sidequest which does not activate cutscene when receiving your reward. The glitch will work with any sidequest in the game, players can try out the one shown in the video footage below.

Step 2: Draw your weapon and move towards NPC. Now when you are in the middle of animation to put your weapon away, talk to NPC and also keep pressing the A button on the Xbox 360 controller.

Step 3
: You can continue doing it until you move your character.

A video footage is also out which shows this Dragon Age 2 money cheat and infinite EXP glitch:

NOTE: Bioware will definitely going to patch this glitch in coming days, and if this happen players may need to clear the cache memory or may required to remove the patch update and play offline for this glitch to work.

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