Yakuza 4 Trophies List

Yakuza 4 trophies list for PS3 has been revealed. In total there are 42 trophies out of which 34 are Bronze, 6 are Silver, 1 Gold and 1 Platinum. Given below is the list of trophies that are there in the game along with the hints to achieve it.

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Yakuza 4 will launch in North America on March 15, in Japan and Europe on March 18 exclusively on PS3.

Here is the list of trophies:

Bronze Trophies:

4 Sub-Stories
Complete 4 sub-story missions

20 Sub-Stories
Complete 20 sub-story missions

40 Sub-Stories
Complete 40 sub-story missions

Arena Star
Earn the title “Arena Star” in the fighting arena

Boiled Turkey
Get a turkey in bowling

Emblem Collector
Collect 10 emblems from the remaining gang members after finishing Kiriyu’s team encounter missions

First Carom
Score the first point in a game of four ball

Hat Trick
Get a hat trick in darts

Hot Spring Ping-Pong Magistrate
Smash the ball 3 times in 1 ping-pong match at the hot spring

Human Karaoke Machine
Do all the karaoke songs once

Kamuro Gourmet

Eat all the food from restaurants in Kamuro

Kamuro’s Master of Ecology
Pick up 20 pieces of trash (Hidden)

Let’s Go Out After!
Go on a date with a cabaret girl after her working hours

Master of Weapon Categories
Make 1 weapon from every weapon category

Mr. Dress Up

Buy one of every type of dress in the “Making the No.1 Cabaret girl mission”

Mr. Outdoors
Play golf and fish 5 times

Mr. Pause
Menu Obtain all memos for the pause menu

Mr. Two Birds with One Stone
Hit two targets at the same time at the batting center

Become a VIP at the massage parlor

Name Hunter

Obtain all cabaret girls name cards

Novice Gambler
Play all Japanese casino games once

Novice Teacher

Train a fighter with Saejima and win 1 tournament with them

Promotion Season

Promote one piece in Shoji

Rampaging King of Kamuro
Knock 100 pedestrians to the ground

Revelation Detective

Complete 3 Revelations

Review Master

Review all scenes from Yakuza 1, 2, and 3

Road to Becoming Pachinko King
Buy the Pachinko King trophy at the Volcano Pachinko Parlor

Rookie Gambler
Play all Western casino games once

Seven Pairs

Win a hand consisting of 7 2-set pairs in mahjong

Strong Man of Kamuro
Travel 100km on foot

The Joy of Giving
Give a present to a cabaret girl that she wears

The Way of the Key Master

Open 5 coin locker doors

Walking Bank

Obtain 10,000,000 yen

Welcome to Club Sega

Play all games in Club Sega once

Silver Trophies

Akiyama Award
Obtain 1,000,000 yen with Akiyama

Kiryu Award
Break 100 weapons in battle with Kiryu

Saejima Award
Buy 5 pistols with Saejima

Tanimura Award
Win 10,000 points at the casino with Tanimura

The Persistent Man

Clear the NORMAL difficulty setting without having cleared the EASY difficulty setting

The Strongest Champion
Get all characters to level 20

Gold Trophy

Amon Crusher
Crush Amon and finish all 62 sub-story missions (Hidden)

Platinum Trophy

Platinum Trophy

Get all trophies

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