Mastering Multiplayer in GTA : Episodes from Liberty City Tips

Searching for tips for Grand Theft Auto: Episode from Liberty City in a multiplayer mode of game, here it is we have all the tips which will help you to have a edge in your gameplay. You can make use of this tips in the multiplayer mode of The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Use NOS wisely in The Ballad of Gay Tony when we start GTA Races.  Watch your map on your radar and be prepared for every turn, especially with the APC!
  • Master the art of tossing sticky bombs from vehicles.  This gives you the armor of a car plus plenty of speed.  Practice by throwing sticky bombs onto parked cars.
  • During our events, find and defend a spot in Deathmatch between a health spawn and a weapon spawn.  This will give you the opportunity to gather health and ammunition each time you take down an enemy.
  •  Set waypoints for other teammates when in vehicles.  This is especially helpful in modes like Witness Protection.  This will allow the driver to concentrate on the road.
  • Use your parachute to your advantage during our matches.  Land on the roof of a building to take the high ground.  This not only gives you a better view of the action but also makes it more difficult for enemies to use any kind of weaponry against you.
  • If you're being followed by an enemy and blips are set to Shooting, Team, Far or Off, crouch behind cover.  Your player name will disappear and you'll gain the advantage.

Blips Guide:

  • All - All players are shown on the radar, regardless of team or side.
  • Near - Only those close to where you are will appear on your radar.
  • Far - Only those far away from where you are will appear on your radar.
  • Leader - Only the current leader's blip is shown.  No mercy!  Take the player down.
  • None - No blips are shown.  Watch your back.
  • Team - Only blips for the players on your team show up on your radar.  Not available in all modes.
  • Shooting - Introduced in The Ballad of Gay Tony, this selection will show a blip for a moment after a player uses a weapon.

Preferences Guide:

If you want to have a preference for yourself in a knid of game you want to get into you should navigate yourself to Multiplayer->Peference, were you can have a particular preference for the knid of match.

  • Auto-Aim - As you may be aware, allowing Auto-Aim usually creates more on-foot action and intense cover-based gunfights.  Disallowing Auto-Aim often provides more vehicle-based action.  Matches with Auto-Aim may not be necessarily easier because all players receive the same advantage.  Settings include Allow, Disallow and Don't Care.
  • Police - Turn this on and the cops will act as they would in the single player mode.  Break the law and the cops are going to crack down on you.  Settings include On, Off and Don't Care.
  • Friendly Fire - In team matches and co-operative missions, you can increase the level of realism and difficulty by turning Friendly Fire on.  Your bullets will now cause damage to your teammates and vice versa.  Settings include On, Off and Don't Care.

The PC version of the game has a larger set of parameters to customize the multiplayer experience for Custom Matches.  Open the in-game phone and navigate Multiplayer > Player Match > LIVE > Custom Match > Yes.  Here you can filter to the exact game match you want with these options: Race Class, Location, Duration, Track, Laps, Auto-Aim, Weapons, Friendly Fire, Gamertag Display, Respawn Distance, Respawn Time, Police, Traffic, Blips, Voice Chat, Join In Progress, Time of Day and Weather.

Source: RockStar Games

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