How to Change Minecraft Skins on PC, Console and Pocket Edition


Have you ever loaded up Minecraft, taken one look at Steve, and thought, "Damn, that is one boring dude." He's the default character that you're greeted with when you buy the game, and he's just so dull that it's annoying. With his blue t-shirt and denim jeans, he looks like a guy in the middle of a mid-life crisis and doesn't fill you with a sense of adventure, and considering that the whole game is about just that, he's not the best avatar to have to play with.

But rejoice fellow Minecraft fanatics, there is a way to make Steve less boring and less Steve like and that's by changing his skin. Now don't worry, there's no need for any Buffalo Bill type of flesh suit for you to achieve this, but instead, on PC and Conole, you can click a few buttons and become anyone you want.

Not sure how to? Then use this guide to show you how.

Changing Skins On PC

Minecraft Skins PC

To change skins on your PC, first off, you need to decide what kind of look you want. This can be done either in-game or by visiting a site where you can download custom work. If you decide to go via the in-game option, you should be able to pick up quite a few good ones for free, but buyer beware, there will also be options that you have to pay for. As these can usually be found on some mod site somewhere, at no added cost, then I would recommend that you go down this route if you're a tad strapped for cash.

With your chosen skin either purchased or downloaded, you'll want to know how to make Steve no longer Steve, and it's quite simple, really.

  • Download Skin / Purchase Skin
  • Log into your Minecraft account
  • On your profile page, upload the skin that you want
  • Wait for the confirmation message
  • If you were already logged into Minecraft, log out
  • Run the game
  • Hey presto, you're someone else

Minecraft Skins Console

Changing Skins On Console

This one is a lot easier than the previous entry, but it also comes at a cost. The difference between the skins for PC and the skins for Consoles is that with the console versions, you can't download any community creations. This means that you're going to have to choose from the selections that are in-store and though a fair few are few, you know that the ones you want are going to be the ones that cost you cash. 

So whether they're free or whether you've had to pay for them, here's how you apply them in-game.

  • Start Minecraft
  • When the main menu shows up, click on Help/Options, Change Skin
  • Decide which skin pack suits your needs
  • If it's not free, then you'll be sent to the relevant store to cough up some bucks
  • Hey presto, you're someone else

Minecraft PE

Changing Skins On Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition might be Minecraft lite, but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun changing skins like you can with it's bigger brothers. This version might be the best of the bunch when it comes to upgrading Boring Steve to Boba Fett as it actively encourages you to visit download sites to grab what you need. This means that every skin that you get hold of won't cost you a penny. This comes with the obvious requirement that you want to use a trusted site, such as Minecraft Skins, to not completely brick your phone with malware or viruses but free is free, and here's how you make all those lovely cheap skins work in-game.

  • Head over to Minecraft Skins
  • Choose the skin you like and download it
  • Run Minecraft PE
  • Click the coat hanger icon in the corner
  • Click the blank skin icon, should be in the top left
  • Click Choose New Skin, select your download
  • Choose your skin model and click confirm
  • Hey presto, you're someone else

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