Here's how to get Destiny 2's new Exotic sword, Worldline Zero


A number of new Exotic weapons have joined Destiny 2 with the Warmind expansion this week, and one of the coolest ones will take some time to hunt down and earn.

The Worldline Zero Exotic sword comes with a unique ability, as it is an Exotic. It is very reminiscent of the Exotic swords from Destiny 1, as the strong attack that it wields is unlike any of the other attacks that other swords in the game have. The attack is called Tesseract and it allows you to teleport forward and deal a blow for massive damage.

So, how do you get this awesome sword? Thankfully, the quest for it is in your hands. You won't need to rely on getting lucky from an Engram and being blessed by RNG. It simply requires you hunting down some collectibles.

In the new Hellas Basin area of Mars, there are 45 Memory Fragments scattered around the map. Each of them will be either orange, purple, blue, or white. You must shoot the Fragment with the corresponding element (Solar, Void, Arc, or Kinetic) to activate them.

Once you activate 35 Fragments, you will unlock Worldline Zero. Activating all 45 earns you an Exotic Sparrow—but let's just say that the sword is the better of the two rewards.

So, you'll need to find 35 of these little things around the map. Luckily, this video guide by excellent Destiny YouTuber Datto highlights all of the locations and where to find them with relative ease.

It will take some time and some patience navigating the map to find all of these weapons, as well as having the right elemental weapons in your inventory to shoot the corresponding memories. But once you do, you'll have one of the stronger and more unique Exotics in all of Destiny 2.

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