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E3 is just around the corner, and developers and publishers are all looking to use the event to show off the titles coming out over the next few years.

Microsoft, EA, and Sony are just some of the companies that will be hosting press conferences a few days before the main show to announce brand new games. Fans can also expect to see release dates for some of this year's most-anticipated titles.

Smash Bros. for Switch, Anthem, and The Last of Us Part II are just some of the games confirmed to be at this year's show, with more expected to be revealed closer to the event or during the press conferences.

The following companies have already confirmed when its press conference will go live.

June 9

EA (1pm CT)

EA is preparing to show off more information about the next Battlefield title, as well as Anthem, Bioware's next big game, at the event. Fans will also get to see this year's lineup of EA's Sports titles, such as FIFA and Madden.

If you're close to the event, you can also apply for free tickets on EA Play's website.

June 10

Microsoft (3pm CT)

Microsoft's E3 press conference this year is a mystery. Will we hear more details on Crackdown 3? A revival of some of Rare's games like Banjo Kazooie or Conker's Bad Fur Day? Anything could be possible.

Bethesda (8:30pm CT)

Bethesda was one of the first companies to announce its E3 press conference, but the company has been quiet since that initial reveal. Elder Scrolls 6? Fallout 5? There are plenty of options, any of which will be sure to be a big deal.

June 11

Square Enix (12 CT)

Square Enix will be hosting its first E3 press conference since 2015. Will fans get to see their first glimpse of Final Fantasy VII remake? And what other surprises will the company have on its big day?

Ubisoft (3pm CT)

Not much is known about Ubisoft's full lineup for E3 this year, but the company has confirmed one game that will appear at the show: Tom Clancy's The Division 2 . Expect more details about one of the Far Cry 5 expansions and, if we're lucky, more information on Beyond Good and Evil 2.

PC Gaming Show (5pm CT)

The PC Gaming show returns and will feature announcements from a number of game developers and focus on all things PC gaming.

Sony (9pm CT)

With Spider-Man coming out later this year and The Last of Us II already expected to appear at the show in some form, Sony's press conference is already shaping up to be one of the best in recent years.

June 12

Nintendo (11am CT)

Nintendo will host its own press conference through its popular Nintendo Direct series on its Twitch channel. The Nintendo Twitch account will also host the Splatoon 2 and Smash Bros. for Switch tournaments.

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