How to unlock Sandbox Mode in Jurassic World Evolution


Jurassic World Evolution allows players to live out their childhood fantasies by giving them the tools needed to create their own dinosaur park based on the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park movies.

When you load up the game for the first time, you'll be thrown straight into the career mode with no option for a Sandbox Mode at first glance. The mode is in the game, but it takes a little bit of time to unlock it.

In order to unlock Sandbox Mode and the ability to create the park of your dreams with unlimited money, all you need to do is get your first island in the campaign, Isla Matanceros, up to a four-star rating.

Although this sounds easy enough, there's a lot of work you need to do to get to this rating. It might even require you to do some work on other islands to unlock new types of dinosaurs, research, and structures to get everything you need.

You can check to see what your island needs at any time by clicking the star rating on the bottom of the screen. A new window will then pop up telling you what your park is lacking most so you can build the right structures needed. Just be sure to keep your dinosaur's behind electric fencing when you can, however, to avoid them breaking out and knocking your rating down in the process.

Realistically, though, as long as your park has enough attractions, a hotel, good security, and a wealth of different dinosaurs that have good visibility, you should get Sandbox Mode unlocked in a few hours of gameplay.

When you unlock Sandbox Mode, you'll head to Isla Nublar, the same island that's used in the movies, to create the park that John Hammond tried and failed to do all those years ago.

Unlocking Sandbox Mode, however, doesn't give you access to every dinosaur and tool. You'll still need to manually unlock everything through playing the campaign by completing quests on each of the five main islands and researching every structure and dinosaur that the game has to offer.

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