What does each symbol mean in Jurassic World Evolution?


Jurassic World Evolution gives you all of the tools you need to create your ideal park filled with prehistoric dinosaurs bought back to life.

As you constantly add new things to your park and discover dinosaurs, not everything can always go as planned. Dinosaurs might break out of their cages, the power might be knocked out by an incoming storm, or guests might be put in danger.

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In order to deal with this, Frontier added various symbols into the game that alert you when things happening in your park need to be fixed as soon as possible, unless you want chaos to ensue. These symbols can either appear on the map itself (Park Symbols) or at the top of your screen in a little box (Hub Symbols).

But what if you skip the tutorial? And what if you have no idea what these symbols mean? What should you do and prioritize in all the chaos as you look to save your park from becoming the next entry in the Jurassic Park movie series? Well, that's where we come in.

Below, we've listed the most common symbols that you'll likely see in-game, as well as what each of them mean and, more importantly, how to get rid of them.

Hub Symbols

Power down on a building

Simply fix a Power Plant or link power to the building to fix this.

Fence broken

Send your rangers to fix the fence before any dinosaurs can escape.

Dangerous dinosaur loose

Get your helicopter in the air to tranquilize the dinosaur before it can attack your park's guests.

Shelters currently open

Just close all of the shelters to turn this off. Make sure to do it when the park is safe, however.

Dinosaur has died

Call in a helicopter from the APU center to remove the body from your park.

Dinosaur is critically injured

Send in your rangers to heal any critically-ill dinosaurs.

Dinosaur has a disease

Use your park rangers to shoot at dinosaurs with a disease to cure them.

Park Symbols

Power source needed

Simply link a power source to your building to remove the alert.

Power disconnected

Either reconnect power from your power sources or create a new plant.

Generator needed

Buy a generator and place it next to the building that needs power to supply it with electricity.

Repairs needed

Send your park ranger toward the structure that needs a repair to fix it before chaos ensues.

Needs connection to Pathway

Build a new path to a connecting pathway that links to the entrance of your park to fix this issue.

All screengrabs via Frontier.

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