All of the important keyboard shortcuts and bindings in Jurassic World Evolution


Jurassic World Evolution has a ton of menus and systems that players need to navigate to access main areas of the game when creating new dinosaurs, researching attractions, or keeping their eyes on their park's finances.

If you happen to own Jurassic World Evolution on PC, however, you have a wealth of options at your disposal to quickly open up menus and complete actions all at the press of a keyboard button.

Although there aren't a lot of key binds, they're still useful to know so that you can access certain areas of the game, or rotate the camera, with ease. It's also worth noting that these shortcuts can be changed to different keys in the settings menu.

Zoom in and out

Page Up and Page Down key

This key is pretty straight forward—it zooms the camera in and out. You can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Rotate the Camera

Q and E key

This shortcut just turns the camera around to your desired angle.


M key

Having your map active at all times will allow you to instantly see what needs to be repaired, where all your dinosaurs are, and the location of other tasks in your park. The more you have in your park, the harder it is to keep up with everything—so this shortcut works wonders.

Ranger Station Quick Menu

R key

The R key opens up the ranger menu, giving you access to all of your jeeps if you need to quickly repair a fence or heal a dinosaur.

ACU Center and Helicopter

T key

The T key will give you quick access to your transport helicopters for when you need to move tranquilized dinosaurs or get rid of deceased ones.

Command Center/Main Menu

C key

Although this is a simple command, the C key will open up the Command Center for when you need to quickly examine your finances, check out new fossils, or start research.

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