The 5 best speedruns from SGDQ 2018


Over the past week, SGDQ 2018 provided hundreds of fantastic speedruns for fans to watch and enjoy.

All of the speedruns are already up on Twitch and YouTube so fans can relive any of their favorite moments. Some fans might even discover a few speedruns they missed during the week-long event.

To celebrate this week of record-breaking moments and great speedrunning action, we looked back at all of the speedruns that were completed at SGDQ 2018 and picked some of our favorites—for better or worse.

Red plumbers, sentient cups, and a few hidden gems have all come together to create this explosive list of mind-boggling speedruns.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

If we had to sum up this run in one word, it'd be "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Popular speedrunner "PJ" never disappoints when he's on the GDQ stage with fan-favorite runs like Super Ghost and Ghouls at SGDQ 2014 still fresh in our minds. This time was no different—he provided comical insight while the game constantly screamed at him for the opening few minutes.

Super Mario Maker

Just like previous years, Super Mario Maker races returned with some of the best players in the speedrunning community going against each other in never-before-seen levels.

The team, however, changed up the formula this year by showing some of the hardest levels in Super Mario Maker being beaten in the quickest time possible right after the races ended.


Celeste holds a special place at this year's SGDQ for a number of reasons.

Not only where the developers around during the speedrun to talk about the game with interesting trivia and commentary, but both runners were also executing great tricks and entertaining on the fly. The duo really sold the game to the community as a whole as it looks like a fun and interesting speedgame.


Cuphead is a fantastic, quick speedgame that requires a lot of clean execution against enemies that are constantly trying to kill you.

The game is a love letter to classic video games and is insanely difficult for casual players—but that didn't stop "TheMexicanRunner" from providing an impressive performance. He quickly got through bosses and enemies that other players have trouble dealing with and he made the game look easier than it is.

All The Legend of Zelda games

SGDQ had so many great Zelda speedruns that it was hard to choose just one. Ocarina of Time introduced the larger community to the bingo game mode and it was great to see something different out of the series. Majora's Mask 3D and Skyward Sword were a great spectacle, and Wind Waker HD was rough at times, but still enjoyable to watch.

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