How to find the Cursed Mermaid statues in Sea of Thieves


A new update for Sea of Thieves launched earlier today, adding its third Bilge Rat event in the past few months.

This event focuses on a brand new feature added to the game known as Cursed Mermaid Statues. These statues spawn randomly into parts of the world and its your job to find them and smash them to bits in order to unlock exclusive event loot and clothing.

The event runs July 11 to 25, but the statues will remain in-game long after the event comes to an end. The only thing that will disappear after July 25 in the rewards you can get from completing the main statue-themed quests.

How to find the Statues

Each statue will always be located underwater at a nearby random island. A statue will never exist in the open sea. Sometimes, a flash of its gem will appear while you are sailing but the easiest way to know if you are next to one of the statues is to listen for its music.

The cursed statues will hum a dark, airy melody when you get near one and you can use that sound to pinpoint its location. Its then simply a case of swimming towards it and destroying it as quickly as possible.

If you are still struggling to find the statue through its music, then just keep your eyes peeled for a sparkle in the ocean floor. The gem of the statue will always shine to lead you towards its location.

Be cautious, however. The closer you are to these statues, the more damage they will deal to you over time. Come stocked with plenty of ammo and Bananas to keep yourself healthy and be prepared to go back to your ship for multiple visits should you get low on both of these items.

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