Octopath Traveler job and secret job shrine locations guide


Shrines are areas in Octopath Traveler that allow you to give each of your eight characters secondary jobs to use in battle.

There are eight in total, with four secret jobs available across the map—and each can be unlocked by progressing through each character's story.

Secondary jobs give characters access to a new set of abilities while retaining their original moves. H'annit, for example, will always be a hunter and can capture creatures—but if she learns how to be a Dancer, she'll inherit Primrose's debuff skills over time, giving her a new line of abilities and support skills to use in battle.

Job shrine locations


The Shrine of the Thunderblade can be found at North Stonegard Pass.


The Shrine of the Huntress is at East Victors Hollow Trail.


The Shrine of the Sage is located at Western Noblecourt Flats.


The Shrine of the Flamebearer can be found at Western Stillsnow Wilds.


The Shrine of the Healer is at East Saintsbridge Traverse.


The Shrine of the Prince of Thieves is located at South Quarrycrest Pass.


The Shrine of the Trader can be found at Moonstruck Coast.


The Shrine of the Lady of Grace is at Northern Wellspring Sands.

Secret jobs shrine locations

In addition to the eight base jobs, four others exist in the world that are known as advanced classes.

They're the strongest jobs, offering skills and abilities that can be essential for the final parts of the game. Similar to base classes, they can be found in a shrine hidden on the map.


The Shrine of the Warbringer is located at North Riverford Traverse.


The Shrine of the Archmagus can be found at East Duskbarrow Trail.


The Shrine of the Starseer is at Western Wispermill Flats.


The Shrine of the Runeblade is located at West Everhold Pass.

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