How to Earn Medals and Unlock Rewards in Pokémon Go


Medals are a fun way to show off your accomplishments and earn special bonuses in Pokémon Go. Any progress you make in Pokémon Go, whether by catching Pokémon, winning Gym battles, evolving Pokémon, is automatically counted towards a corresponding medal. There are a total of 40 different medals, and each badge has three ranks: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Your medal will automatically upgrade to a new rank once the criteria has been met.

Both medals and gym badges feature three ranks, but don’t confuse the two. Medals are earned for completing various objectives, whereas badges are earned by earning experience at a specific Gym by participating in Gym-specific activities, such as defending the Gym or winning a raid. You can also earn rewards by achieving higher ranks of your Gym badges, and you can learn more about them in this guide.

There are two major categories of medals. The first focuses on gameplay progression, tasks such as capturing Pokémon, winning raid battles, hatching eggs, and other aspects of normal Pokémon Go. The second category is focused on catching specific types of Pokémon, such as Psychic-types or Rock-types.

If you want to catch the Mythical Pokémon Celebi, it's worth noting that one of the Special Research tasks requires you to earn the Gold Johto Medal. To do so, you'll have to catch and register 70 unique Johto region Pokémon to your Pokédex. Here's everything you'll need to know about medals in Pokémon Go!

Medals which increase catch rate of Pokémon

Many medals offer bonuses to catching a specific type of Pokémon. The more Pokémon you catch of a single type, the closer you’ll get to earning medals that make that Pokémon type easier to catch. The Bronze medal requires you to catch 10 Pokémon of a type, Silver requires 50, and Gold requires 200. As a reward, the catch rate is multiplied by 1.1 for Bronze, 1.2 for Silver, and 1.3 for Gold.

All type-specific badges in Pokémon Go 

While these medals have cool names, echoing Trainer types you'd encounter in traditional Pokémon games, your Trainer in Pokémon Go will not earn any sort of title. Alas. Here’s a list of all of these medals and their requirements:

Badge Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Bird Keeper Catch Flying-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Black Belt Catch Fighting-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Bug Catcher Catch Bug-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Delinquent Catch Dark-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Depot Agent Catch Steel-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Dragon Tamer Catch Dragon-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Fairy Tale Girl Catch Fairy-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Gardener Catch Grass-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Hex Maniac Catch Ghost-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Hiker Catch Rock-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Kindler Catch Fire-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Psychic Catch Psychic-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Punk Girl Catch Poison-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Rocker Catch Electric-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Ruin Maniac Catch Ground-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Schoolkid Catch Normal-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Skier Catch Ice-type Pokémon 10 50 200
Swimmer Catch Water-type Pokémon 10 50 200

Medals which unlock cosmetic items

Select medals will unlock access to exclusive cosmetic items in the store. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to spend PokeCoins to actually obtain these items, but you can learn how to earn PokeCoins without spending real world money in this guide.

Earn the Pikachu Fan Medal to unlock Pikachu-themed rewards.

The following medals unlock store items when obtained:

Badge Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Battle Girl Win # Gym battles 10 100 1000

The Battle Girl medal unlocks the following items in the Store. These items are available to female Trainers only:

  • Bronze: Battle Girl Gloves
  • Silver: Battle Girl Shoes, Battle Girl Shorts
  • Gold: Battle Girl Tank Top
Badge Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Fisherman Catch # big Magikarp 3 50 300

The Fisherman medal unlocks the following items in the Store. These items are available to male Trainers only:

  • Bronze: Fisherman Cap
  • Silver: Fisherman Shorts, Fisherman Shoes
  • Gold: Fisherman Vest
Badge Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Gym Leader Defend Gyms for # hours 10 100 1000

The Gym Leader medal unlocks the following items in the Store:

  • Bronze: Gym Leader Gloves
  • Silver: Gym Leader Shoes, Gym Leader Skirt
  • Gold: Gym Leader Top
Badge Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Jogger Walk a certain distance 10km 100km 1000km

The Jogger medal unlocks the following items in the Store. These items are available to male Trainers only:

  • Bronze: Jogger Sunglasses, Jogger Visor, Jogger Watch
  • Silver: Jogger Shoes, Jogger Shorts
  • Gold: Jogger Tank Top
Badge Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Pikachu Fan Catch # Pikachu 3 50 300

The Pikachu Fan medal unlocks the following items in the Store:

  • Bronze: Pikachu Fan Headband
  • Silver: Pikachu Fan Shoes, Pikachu Fan Shorts
  • Gold: Pikachu Fan Shirt

Medals which offer no additional benefits (but are still cool)

These medals offer no significant advantage and exist solely as achievements for your progress in Pokémon Go. You’ll gain nothing for earning these medals except the satisfaction of being the very best, like no one ever was:

Medal Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Backpacker Visit # PokéStops 100 1000 2000
Battle Legend Win # Legendary Raids 10 100 1000
Berry Master Feed # Berries 10 100 1000
Breeder Hatch # of Eggs 10 50 500
Champion Win # Raids 10 100 1000
Collector Catch # of Pokémon 30 500 2000
Hoenn Register # Hoenn region Pokémon to Pokédex 5 40 90
Johto Register # of Johto Pokémon to Pokédex 5 30 70
Kanto Register # of Kanto Pokémon in the Pokédex 5 50 100
Pikachu Fan Catch # Pikachu 3 50 300
Scientist Evolve # of Pokémon 3 20 200
Unown Catch # of Unown 3 10 26
Youngster Catch # tiny Rattata 3 50 300

Since Gyms in Pokémon Go were reworked in 2017, the following medal was removed and you can no longer earn progress toward it. Only Trainers who have obtained this medal will still see this medal in their list:

Badge Criteria Bronze Silver Gold
Ace Trainer Train a certain number of times 10 100 1000

Special, event-only medals

There are a handful of exclusive medals which could only be obtained by participating in real world Pokémon Go events. Once an event has passed, the medal is no longer available. These medals exist at Gold rank only, and are displayed in the medal list only for those who have obtained them.

Event-exclusive medals. You had to be there.
Badge Criteria
Pikachu Outbreak 2017 Obtained at Pokemon GO Park in 2017 (Yokohama)
Pokémon GO Fest Obtained at Pokémon GO Fest in 2017 (Chicago)
Pokémon GO Fest 2018 Obtained at Pokémon GO Fest in 2018 (Chicago)
Pokémon GO Safari Zone Obtained at Pokémon GO Safari Zone in 2017 (Europe)
Safari Zone Yokosuka Obtained at Safari Zone Yokosuka in 2018 (Yokosuka)

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