The Best Racing Games on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch


Racing games. They're fun, they're fast, and these days, they're more gorgeous than ever. There's tons of them in gaming, from classics like Gran Turismo down to hotshot newcomers like Wreckfest and

Whether you want to enjoy a powerful racing experience that simulates real car physics or simply want an arcade title to fill that craving for tight turns and high speed, we've got you covered. Listed below are some of the best racing games throughout gaming history, along with what platforms you can try them out on and where to buy them.

Here's our hitlist. Keep scrolling for more information.

Category Recommendation
Best Party Racing Game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Best Action-Packed Racer Burnout Paradise Remastered
Best Realistic Racing Game Assetto Corsa
Best Multiplayer Racing Game Gran Turismo Sport
Best Arcade Racer Daytona USA
Best Overall Racer Forza Horizon 3

Best Party Racing Game: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

For a casual and fun party racing game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch reigns supreme.
Image via Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Original Release Date April 28, 2017
Price $59.99
Where to Buy Nintendo eShop
Reason to Try Compete with your friends across race tracks new and old in this easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master Mario racing game. Just be careful about who you hit with a red shell.

Ever wanted to destroy all of your friendships in just five minutes? Well, The OP has a game for you: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Thrilling, adorable, intense. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the Nintendo Switch's best-selling games for a reason. Expanding on the original Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, Deluxe gives players dozens of Nintendo characters and tracks new and old. Customize your vehicle and go head-to-head with your pals while destroying each other with power-ups. Players can even go online as a party of one or in a group of four.

Best Action-Packed Racer: Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered is fast, intense, aggressive, and incredibly fun, making it one of the best action racing games to date.
Image via EA
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Original Release Date March 16, 2018
Criterion Games
Price $29.99
Where to Buy Origin, PlayStation Store, or Microsoft Store
Reason to Try Crash, slam, and tear your way through the competition in the open-world metropolis Paradise City, which plays home to one of the best action racing games in recent memories.

Most racing games encourage sportsmanlike conduct, but Burnout Paradise is a different kind of racer. Hailed as one of the best installments in the Burnout series, Burnout Paradise throws players into a sprawling metropolis where drivers control the streets by any means necessary. That translates to a lot of high-speed slamming, skidding, and crashing.

Like previous Burnout games, players can ram their opponents and earn vehicle boost for successful takedowns, encouraging players to knock their opponents down a peg while driving defensively. "Showtime" mode lets you crash across Paradise City's busy avenues or track down new vehicles and crash into them in order to add them to your garage. You break it you buy it.

We recommend picking up Burnout Paradise Remastered, an HD rerelease of the original 2008 classic available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Sporting 4K resolution support and 60 FPS graphics, it's the ultimate version of the game.

Best Realistic Racing Game: Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is as realistic as it is beautiful, making it one of the best racing simulators to date.
Image via Kunos Simulazioni
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Original Release Date Dec. 19, 2014
Kunos Simulazioni
Price $19.99 on PC, $29.99 on consoles
Where to Buy Steam, PlayStation Store, or Microsoft Store
Reason to Try Choose from over 150 cars and race against AI and online opponents in this incredibly beautiful driving simulator that mirrors real-life stock car racing.

Games like Assetto Corsa replicates what it feels like to drive a race car so well that you might as well learn how to drive a real car with it.

Assetto Corsa lets players choose from over 150 cars and race along several real-world tracks imported into the game through laser-scanning technology. Each car handles differently, down to handling turns and acceleration. Players have to choose their car wisely and learn how to drive each of their favorites one step at a time. Players can customize their cars too. The game sports both single-player and online multiplayer.

Alongside Assetto Corsa's advanced realistic features, PC users can also mod their copy of Assetto Corsa with custom cars and new tracks. As far as realistic racing games go, Assetto Corsa is a must-own, even if it isn't as easy to pick up and play as its other realistic competitors, like Gran Turismo.

Best Multiplayer Racing Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport provides one of the best online multiplayer racing experiences to date thanks to its incredible matchmaking system.
Image via Sony
Platforms PlayStation 4
Original Release Date Oct. 17, 2017
Polyphony Digital
Price $39.99
Where to Buy PlayStation Store
Reason to Try With advanced matchmaking features that keep unsportsmanlike conduct out of the racetrack, Gran Turismo's first dedicated multiplayer experience is the best way to race drivers around the world.

Ever since Gran Turismo's introduction for the PlayStation in 1998, the racing sim has amazed console gamers and racing fans alike. Gran Turismo Sport is no different.

This time around, Gran Turismo Sport has stripped down some of its single-player features in exchange for an in-depth multiplayer experience. Complete daily races, customize your car, and pair up against perfect rivals thanks to Sport's in-depth matchmaking system that scans for skill and sportsmanship. The game's netcode is incredibly well-optimized, making each race smooth and stable.

Best Arcade Racer: Daytona USA

Sega's Daytona USA remains a classic arcade hit thanks to its realistic controls and immersive time trial system.
Image via Sega
Platforms Sega Saturn, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Arcade
Original Release Date 1994
Price $9.99
Where to Buy PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace
Reason to Try Daytona USA remains a classic for both Sega fans and '90s racing aficionados alike. Choose between manual or automatic transmission, pick a track, and beat the clock while facing other racers in your very own stock car.

There's something so incredibly nostalgic about Datyona USA. Maybe it's the wondrously weird soundtrack, the colorful graphics, or all the memories of '90s arcades and the ill-fated Sega Saturn. In any case, Daytona USA may just be one of the best racing games in history.

In Daytona USA, players choose between Beginner, Advanced, or Expert tracks and go head-to-head against their opponents while trying to beat the clock. Only the fastest drivers can reach first place, and it's all too common for players to run out of time. Fast, challenging, and incredibly addicting, Daytona USA blends realistic car controls with arcade gameplay. It shouldn't be missed. It can't be missed.

These days, Sega has published plenty of different versions of Daytona USA, including the game's 2017 arcade re-release Daytona Championship USA. If you'd like to play the original game, we recommend picking up the HD re-release for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

Best Overall Racer: Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 blends open-world racing with realistic driving mechanics for one incredibly immersive racer.
Image via Microsoft Studios
Platforms PC and Xbox One
Original Release Date Sept. 27, 2016
Playground Games
Price $39.99
Where to Buy Microsoft Store
Reason to Try Choose from over 350 cars, run your own Horizon Festival, and compete in both single-player and online competitions in one of the most immersive open-world racing games to date.

It's hard to choose a favorite racing games. That said, few compare to Forza Horizon, specifically the PC and Xbox One's hit racing title Forza Horizon 3.

The Forza Horizon series has gained critical acclaim thanks to its focus on open-world racing in a world that blends realistic world physics with immersive, yet approachable, mechanics. Pick from over 350 different cars, customize your ride, play co-op online with your friends, and best of all, manage the Horizon Festival by creating events and hiring drivers. The game even features 4K resolution support for Xbox One X users, making it the perfect racing game to show off your TV's capabilities.

Few games compare to the speed, handling, and immersion that comes with Forza Horizon 3's gameplay. It's a must-grab for any racing fans, especially if you're a PC gamer with a steering wheel setup.

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