Best controllers for playing Minecraft on your Android phone or tablet


Let’s face it, sometimes that touch screen just isn’t going to cut it. Or dig it. Or mine it. If you’re looking to improve your experience with Minecraft’s mobile version on an Android phone or tablet, we’re here to help. While not as convenient for gaming-on-the-go, adding a mobile-friendly controller to your arsenal can certainly provide a more enjoyable (and less frustrating) experience.

There are relatively convoluted methods of getting controllers from game consoles, such as Xbox One and PS4, working with Android, they don’t always place nice. Instead we'll focus on controllers that are specifically made for and support an optimal mobile gaming experience. Here are our top picks for the best controllers for playing Minecraft on Android!

Best Android game controllers for Minecraft

SteelSeries Stratus XL

The SteelSeries Stratus XL is a well-made controller that feels great to use, with responsive buttons and clickable analog sticks. It’s a bit on the heavy side, weighing in at over 10 oz., which is slightly heftier than an Xbox One controller. Our biggest gripe is that the Stratus XL is not rechargeable, instead relying on two AA batteries like it’s 2002. It still promises 40+ hours of wireless gameplay, but that lack of a lithium ion battery is worth noting. The Stratus XL is compatible not only with Android devices, but also with PC, Steam, and select VR devices (including Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus), making it a great choice for gaming across multiple devices.

  • Price: $43.94
  • Where to get it: Amazon

GameSir T1

The GameSir T1 features a smaller form factor than many mobile controllers, sized closest to a PS4 controller. The controller is surprisingly well made for its price point, and includes a fold-out bracket for holding your mobile phone. Another stand-out feature is the controller’s Turbo button, which offers the possibility to automate actions in games, including Minecraft. There’s even an app that allows you to remap keys for your favorite apps if needed. The T1 features a rechargeable lithium ion battery promising 18 hours of continuous gameplay. As with most Bluetooth controllers, the T1 can also be used on PC, Steam, and other devices (you can even use it to pilot a drone). With all that being said, the GameSir T1 is a great pick at an excellent price point.

  • Price: $29.99
  • Where to get it: Amazon

GameSir G4

Our second choice from GameSir is their G4 controller, which is a larger, slightly pricier option. This controller is closer to an Xbox One controller in size, though is a bit lighter weighing in at only 8.6 oz (compared to the Xbox One’s 9.9 oz controller). The G4 includes all of the standard features of a game controller, including ergonomic grips, rumble feature, and the aforementioned Turbo button, as well as the adjustable bracket for holding your phone. The G4 also features a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and can still be played while charging. If you’re looking for something with slightly different ergonomics but all of the same features, the G4 is another excellent option from GameSir.

  • Price: $37.99
  • Where to get it: Amazon

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