Best PS4 keyboard and mouse adapters for Fortnite and beyond


We’re not looking to start any arguments, but it is generally accepted that using a mouse and keyboard in gaming, particularly in first-person shooters, can offer an improved experience and performance. Many players swear by their trusty PC peripherals, which are highly customizable and offer more precision. It comes as no surprise that there is a market for specialized adapters, offering players the ability to utilize their favorite keyboard and mouse combination with their gaming consoles. This includes the PlayStation 4.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “The PlayStation 4 offers native support for keyboard and mouse?!” It's true, and this support makes tasks like typing and browsing the web significantly easier. If you want to use a mouse and keyboard for such tasks, you can simply plug them into the console’s USB ports.

While the PS4 technically supports mouse and keyboard, most games don’t. At this time, only the following games offer native support for keyboard and mouse play on PS4: Final Fantasy XIV, War Thunder, and Fortnite. That’s it, three games. There are a few more games which offer support for keyboard only, including: Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter, and DC Universe Online.

Native support isn’t always that great, either, with players reporting numerous issues with using these input devices in some games. Mouse aiming in particular is notoriously sluggish and imprecise, which will generally put you at a disadvantage in Fortnite. It’s also worth noting that Fortnite’s aim-assist feature for controller players will be disabled if you decide to play using a mouse and keyboard natively.

It appears that most game developers simply aren’t interested in catering to this niche market, with many also considering that adding mouse and keyboard support could potentially create balance issues. Developers, including Overwatch-creators Blizzard Entertainment, frown on the use of keyboard and mouse on console. They feel that it creates an unfair, and ultimately unfun, environment for console players.

If you’re serious about using a keyboard and mouse with your PS4, you’re going to have to pick up an adapter. Adapters aren’t perfect, but generally offer a competitive advantage over players using controllers. Certainly over those using a mouse and keyboard natively. An adapter will mask the input devices, so the console (and game) will think you’re using a controller. This makes it harder for developers to block players from using a keyboard and mouse.

Using a keyboard and mouse through an adapter will generally offer better control in games. They allow very intricate configuration options, and players won’t have to suffer the poor native mouse aim. When you’re ready to take your console gaming experience to a new level, here’s our picks for the best keyboard and controller adapters for the PlayStation 4.

Best adapters for using a keyboard and mouse on PS4

XIM Apex

The XIM Apex is the pinnacle of precision mouse and keyboard adapters, proudly following in the footsteps of the popular XIM4 adapter. The XIM Apex is easy to use and offers extensive configuration though their XIM APEX Manager app, which allows you to create profiles offering you the opportunity to customize your input commands and more. And, speaking of input, the XIM mimics the PC gaming experience nearly perfectly, with offering zero lag and precise aiming.

Like most adapters, the XIM Apex is compatible with not only the PlayStation 4, but can also be used on the Xbox ONE, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, making it a great investment if you game on more than one console.

Additionally, XIM Technologies offer excellent support and consistent firmware updates available to keep up with popular game updates. The device comes with its own USB hub, so you can get start experiencing the wonder of using a keyboard and mouse on your PS4 right out of the box. The XIM Apex also doesn’t have to be routed through your PC, you can connect directly to your console, making for a less cumbersome experience. The XIM Apex is easily our top pick for the best keyboard and mouse adapter for the PlayStation 4.

You can pick up the XIM Apex here.

IOGEAR KeyMander

IOGEAR’s KeyMander is another great keyboard and mouse adapter for the PS4, offering players the opportunity to configure custom profiles for individual games. The KeyMander is a bit more difficult to set up, though IOGEAR does also offer a mobile app, available for Android users only at this time (an iOS version is pending).

There’s not nearly as much community and support as with the XIM devices, but you’ll still be able to easily find and download custom profiles for most popular games to load onto your KeyMander. The KeyMander is also quite cheaper than the XIM Apex, making it a bit more accessible to some and still offering a great and accurate keyboard and mouse experience.

You can pick up the IOGEAR’s KeyMander here.

Other great adapters for using a keyboard and mouse on your PlayStation 4

CronusMAX Plus

The CronusMax Plus is a great entry-level product, offering a reliable keyboard and mouse experience on the console of your choice. It can be a bit frustrating to configure, especially when compared to the XIM Apex and KeyMander, but will still offer a wide variety of customization options.

You can pick up the CronusMax Plus here.

Titan Two

The Titan Two is an impressively customizable and flexible device, which unfortunately can make configuration a bit daunting. Thankfully, you can still easily load keyboard and mouse profiles and scripts for popular titles to get a relatively easier start. Interestingly enough, the Titan Two supports using any controller, including keyboard and mouse, on the Nintendo Switch, a feature unavailable with the other adapters.

You can pick up the Titan Two here.

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