The fastest ways to level up in Marvel's Spider-Man


Leveling up is vital in Spider-Man since it unlocks almost everything in-game.

With each level, you get the option to buy new suits from the Spider-Man multiverse, unlock skills to give you better combat and movement options, and overall become a better wall-crawler than ever before.

You can level up by progressing through the game, but sometimes you might need to find alternative ways to get experience. To help you on your journey, we've listed a few ideas that can assist you in the long run.

Swing Tricks

The Swing Tricks skill unlocks aerial acrobatics that you can perform mid-swing, which increases your focus between missions—and, more importantly, it gives you additional experience.

The experience given for every trick is usually two to six, which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things. But if you get into the habit of performing tricks every time you travel, then you can rack up a nice bit of experience.

Get a new Suit Mod

Combat Analyser, the fourth Suit Mod available to players, is an ability that increases the amount of experience you get when Spider-Man beats up any enemy.

You ideally want to get this mod as soon as you can to help you level up, since you'll be fighting a lot of enemies on your quest to save New York City.

Redo base missions

You can redo base missions for Thugs and Demons, which allows you to complete all of the bonus objectives and fight every foe that once littered them.

By using the Combat Analyser, you can continuously redo these smaller missions to gain a bunch of experience—it's not a lot of experience, though.

The traditional way

The best way to level up is still through the main method: Play missions and find collectibles. It's less reliant on grinding and, of course, sooner or later the missions come to a stop. But there's no better way to gain experience than using the usual methods.

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