Here's how to turn off quick-time events and puzzles in Marvel's Spider-Man


Let's face it, quick-time events aren't fun. Most gamers think they're boring, tedious, and shallow gameplay mechanics that were done to death in the mid-aughts. Luckily, Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man tries to keep quick-time events to a minimum, but they still pop up now and then, particularly during campaign missions and car chases.

If you're one of thousands of players who wants QTEs to be banished from gaming forever, we have some good news for you: Insomniac Games lets players turn off quick-time events at any time during Marvel's Spider-Man.  Players can even skip puzzles, too. If you want to turn off both, here's how to do it.

Before starting your game

Players can turn off Marvel's Spider-Man's quick-time events before they start playing.
Screengrab via Sony

If you're about to start playing Marvel's Spider-Man and want quick-time events and puzzles turned off from the very start, you can do this before the game begins. After choosing your save slot and difficulty level, head to the "accessibility" menu tab. This will bring up a wide range of options for players to choose from, including subtitle customization options and contrasting background display settings on the player's HUD.

To turn off quick-time events, head to the "QTE Auto Complete" tab and switch it to "ON." To skip past puzzles, head over to the "Option to Skip Puzzles" switch and change it to "ON." Keep in mind that these choices will only impact your save game slot, so you'll have to turn on both options again if you start a second game.


Marvel's Spider-Man lets players turn off quick-time events through the QTE Auto Complete switch.
Screengrab via Sony

If you've already started Marvel's Spider-Man and just realized you'd like to turn off quick-time events and puzzles, the game lets you remove them at any time during play. You can turn them off by pausing, heading to settings, and entering the "accessibility" menu. Scroll down to "QTE Auto Complete" and change the switch to "ON." If you'd like to skip puzzles too, you can scroll down to the "Option to Skip Puzzles" switch and change it to "ON."

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