How to cure every illness and disease in Two Point Hospital


There are 50 different illnesses, ailments, and diseases in Two Point Hospital, many inflicting hilarious visual effects on the patients that are relatively easy to spot. You can view all of your patients and their ailments, or diagnosis progress, by clicking the green person icon at the bottom left of the screen, then selecting “Patients.”

If you want to make sure your hospital is well equipped to handle the latest outbreak, you’ll have to remember which rooms are needed to treat which illnesses. A handful of illnesses can be treated in multi-purpose rooms, such as as Ward or Pharmacy, and others will require specialized rooms, such as Jest Infection, which requires a Clown Clinic.

Unfortunately, at this time, newly discovered afflictions will not appear in the hospital levels prior to those which introduced the illness. This does hurt the replayability of earlier levels. Hopefully, will be changed in a future patch.

Even though you may have the correct room required to treat a patient’s illness, the success of the treatment will depend on the certainty of the diagnosis as well as the staff’s Treatment Skill. To improve the patient’s chances, make sure that you’re assigning Doctors and Nurses with the highest diagnostic qualifications as well as those with proper treatment bonuses to their applicable rooms. For example, you’ll certainly want to assign a Nurse with the Pharmacy Management qualification, if available, to work in the Pharmacy.

Additionally, a few rooms will require staff with additional qualifications. The Psychiatry Room requires a Doctor with the Psychiatry skill, Surgery requires a Doctor with the Surgery skill, and the M.E.G.A. Scan diagnostic room requires a Doctor with Radiology. Simple enough!

Here’s a list of all of the illnesses in Two Point Hospital and what rooms, staff, and treatment are required to cure them!

Full list of illnesses and diseases in Two Point Hospital

Illness Treatment Room Required Staff
8-Bitten Resolution Lab Doctor
Animal Magnetism Pest Control Nurse
Bed Face Pharmacy Nurse
Boggled Mind Psychiatry Doctor
Bogwarts Pharmacy Nurse
Broken Face Fracture Ward Nurse
Clamp Pharmacy Nurse
Cubism Recurvery Room Doctor
Cross Bones Fracture Ward Nurse
Decision Rash Injection Room Nurse
Denim Genes DNA Lab Doctor
Emperor Complex Psychiatry Doctor
Flumps DNA Lab Doctor
Floppy Discs Surgery Doctor
Freudian Lips Psychiatry Doctor
Grey Anatomy Chromatherapy Doctor
Grout Pharmacy Nurse
Gurning Loins Surgery Doctor, Nurse
Heart Throb Surgery Doctor
Humerus Injury Fracture Ward Nurse
Hurty Leg Fracture Ward Nurse
Inflated Ego Psychiatry Doctor
Jazz Hands Ward Nurse
Jest Infection Clown Clinic Doctor
Jumbo DNA DNA Lab Doctor
Lazy Bones Ward Nurse
Leopard Skin DNA Lab Doctor
Light Headed De-Lux Clinic Doctor
Litter Bug Injection Room Nurse
Lycanthrophy Pharmacy Nurse
Mime Crisis Psychiatry Doctor
Misery Guts Pharmacy Nurse
Mock Star Psychiatry Doctor
Monobrow Ward Nurse
Mood Poisoning Injection Room Nurse
Mucky Feet Ward Nurse
Night Fever Psychiatry Doctor
Premature Mummification Cryptology Doctor
Pandemic Pans Lab Doctor
Pipe Organs Surgery Doctor, Nurse
Portishead Ward Nurse
Potty Mouth Pharmacy Nurse
Pudding Blood Injection Room Nurse
Rock Bottom Injection Room Nurse
Shattered Fracture Ward Nurse
Shock Horror Shock Clinic Doctor
Spinal Bap Surgery Doctor, Nurse
Touch of Midas Surgery Doctor
Turtle Head Head Office Doctor
Verbal Diarrhoea Pharmacy Nurse

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