Fallout 76 Mutations Guide | Mutations List, Best Mutations, And Mutations Cure

Fallout 76 Mutations List Guide - How To Get, Cure, And More

In simple term, you can define Mutations in Fallout 76 as a sort of Special Perks with the help of which players will be able to increase their stats and also decrease their stats. Now, you will have how can a perk affect negatively i.e. decrease stats? The answer to this is that Mutations in Fallout 76 brings negative as well as positive effects on the player character. You need to keep this in mind - not all mutations are good for players, many of them have a more negative effect on the player character. In this guide, we have listed everything you need to know on Fallout 76 Mutations: All Mutations, Their Negative and Positive Effects, How To Get Mutations, and What Are The Best Mutations. So let's get started without wasting any more time.

Fallout 76 Mutations List Guide - How To Get, Cure, And More

Fallout 76 Mutations List

Below we have listed everything related to Mutations in Fallout 76. You will find all Mutations list, their positive and negative effects, how to get mutations, and what are the best mutations.

How To Get Mutations In Fallout 76

Your character has a 5% chance per 5 HD radiated to be mutated when exposed to radiation. Players can get Mutations in Fallout 76 by following ways:

  • By Consuming Radioactive Food and Liquid.
  • By Standing Close to Scorched Corpses.
  • Standing next to Radioactive waste, Zones devastated by nukes, irradiated creatures, etc.

How To Cure or Keep Mutations In Fallout 76

As mentioned above, the Mutations in Fallout 76 can have both positive and negative effects on the player character, and their effects will go away as you lose radiation. You might come across a situation where you want to keep a mutation as it is having a positive effect on the player character. In this scenario, Starched Genes Perk will be required. You will have to equip this perk in order to keep the mutations. The perk won't allow you to gain a mutation through radiation, and it will also block RadAway (a consumable) to cure the acquired mutation.

If you want to cure a mutation i.e. you want to remove a mutation which is having a negative effect on the player character then make use of RadAway, it offers a great chance to cure mutation. You can reduce the chance of getting negative mutation by making use of protection gears such as Hazmat Suit (make your way to the Federal disposal field HZ-21, you will find two intact Hazmat Suit, and one damaged suit at this location) or Gas Mask.

All Fallout 76 Mutations List

1: Adrenal Reaction

  • Positive Effect: +Weapon DMG and quick health regen at low HP
  • Negative Effect: Max HP -50

2: Bird Bones

  • Positive Effect: AG +4, Fall from heights more gradual
  • Negative Effect: STR -4

3: Carnivore

  • Positive Effect: No disease from Meat and 2x bonus to Food from eating meat products.
  • Negative Effect: Cannot eat fruits, and vegetables.

4: Chameleon

  • Positive Effect: Invisibility while unarmored and standing still

5: Eagle Eyes

  • Positive Effect: Critical Damage +25%, PER +4
  • Negative Effect: STR -4

6: Egg Head

  • Positive Effect: INT +6
  • Negative Effect: STR -3, END -3

7: Electrically Charged

  • Positive Effect: Chance to shock melee attackers

8: Empath

  • Positive Effect: Damage taken by teammates -25%
  • Negative Effect: Damage taken by player +33%

9: Grounded

  • Positive Effect: Energy Resistance +100
  • Negative Effect: Energy Damage -20%

10: Healing Factor

  • Positive Effect: Health Regeneration +300%
  • Negative Effect: Chem Effects -55%

11: Herbivore

  • Positive Effect: Vegetables provides x2 benefit and no disease.
  • Negative Effect: Eating meat doesn't satisfy hunger.

12: Herd Mentality

  • Positive Effect: All SPECIAL stats +2 when grouped
  • Negative Effect: All SPECIAL stats -2 when solo

13: Marsupial

  • Positive Effect: Carry weight +20, +jump height
  • Negative Effect: INT -4

14: Plague walker

  • Positive Effect: Poison aura scaling with your diseases
  • Negative Effect: Diseases

15: Scaly skin

  • Positive Effect: Damage and Energy Resistance +50
  • Negative Effect: AP -50

16: Speed Demon

  • Positive Effect: Movement speed +20, faster reload
  • Negative Effect: Increased drain on hunger and thirst

17: Talons

  • Positive Effect: Punching attacks do 25% more damage + bleed damage
  • Negative Effect: AGI -4

18: Twisted Muscles

  • Positive Effect: Melee damage +25%, better chance to cripple limbs
  • Negative Effect: Gun accuracy -50%

19: Unstable Isotope

  • Positive Effect: Chance to irradiate melee attackers

What Are The Best Mutations in Fallout 76?

In my opinion, the three best Mutations in Fallout 76 are Healing Factor, Herbivore, and Marsupial. What do you guys think? Share your list of best mutations in Fallout 76 with us in the comment section below.

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