Super Smash Bros Ultimate Rematch Guide | How To Rematch Challengers

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Rematch Guide

If you are playing the Super Smash Bros video game series for the first time, you may notice that there are at least 74 characters that you can unlock by spending hours and hours in the combat. The game gives you the chance to unlock a new character simply fighting in Classic or Smash mode, and at times you can face a "special" opponent. If you beat it, you unlock it. Very simple, uh?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Rematch Guide

Why do I keep losing against new challengers?

Sometimes it happens that you lose against a particularly strong opponent, and the reason behind it is that there is a "secret" counter that increments the difficulty of each fight. If you want to battle against the same special opponent again then there is a special way to start a rematch. We have provided the steps you need to follow to go for a rematch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

How to play again vs fighters you've already met (Rematch)?

How can you unlock a character if you lose the first battle against him (in other words start a rematch)? You just have to play your way through the game. About every 10 minutes in the game, precisely in "Game and more" menu's section, appear a special button in a gate's shape.

If you press it, you can face an opponent you previously lost against: now you can beat him to unlock. Yes, it’s your revenge so choose your character wisely and go kick his virtual a**. If you have already unlocked the Inkling, you should use him: he is extraordinarily strong.


So, wrapping it up: play the Classic or Smash modes. As soon as a new opponent approaches you, go beat him in order to unlock him. If you lose the match, you can play it again about every 10 minutes.

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