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The Long Dark is an unforgiving survival game, and its recently released singleplayer story mode offers its own set of challenges. This Guide Hub will be your one-stop source for all the help you need, whether it be about surviving on your own in Survival mode, or how to complete one of the many missions in the Story mode. We’ll keep you warm, well-fed, and alive.

How-To And Location Guides

  • The Long Dark - Carter Hydro Staging Area Gate Key:  We're going to help you find the Carter Hydro Staging Area Gate Key in Episode Two: Luminance Fugue.
  • The Long Dark - How to Hunt Bears: Follow this guide to know how you can hunt bears in The Long Dark, which weapon is best for the task, and some other interesting tips.
  • The Long Dark - Transition Zones and Region Maps: There is a saying that The Long Dark is best enjoyed when you have no idea where you're going. However, this is not true at call - here are some Transition Zones and Region Maps (the most complete and up to date map) from a casual players that will help you in the long run in The Long Dark.
  • The Long Dark - Save File Location: It is necessary to move your The Long Dark Save File to another folder so that the new content that was not throughly tested and release with bugs and other major issues don't affect it. Follow this guide to know the exact location of the Save Game File.
  • The Long Dark - How to Find Hank's Prepper Cache: Hank's Hatch is locked with a code. In order to find the code, you have to first complete the Jeremiah's Folly quest. Follow this guide to know everything about the Hank's Prepper Cache.
  • The Long Dark - How to Unlock the Logging Camp Trailer: During The Long Dark‘s second episode of its story mode, Wintermute, players will encounter a locked trailer in the Logging Camp on the Mystery Lake map. This trailer is locked for a reason, as it is part of the Lake Gunshots quest line. You receive this quest line as you chat with Jeremiah and raise your trust level with him.
  • How to Sleep and Rest in The Long Dark: The Long Dark doesn't hold your hand. Well, it holds your hand a little in the story mode, but not at all in the Survival mode. The first time a player spawns in, it could be difficult to figure out how to sleep and rest. Today, we'll tell you where you can sleep and how you can make sure you get the best rest possible.
  • The Long Dark - All Lake Cabin Key Locations: The Long Dark story mode can be a bit overwhelming. There are dozens of caches and keys that players need to find. Some progress the main story, and others are optional side quests. If you're like us, though, you want those keys and quest items to complete everything you possibly can. Today, we're going to show you all three Lake Cabin Key locations to the Lake Cabins in Mystery Lake.
  • The Long Dark - How to Open the Lock Box in the Farmhouse: If you're running low on emergency supplies in The Long Dark‘s story mode, Wintermute, there is a Lock Box full of them in the Farmhouse near Milton. Towards the end of the first episode, Grey Mother will task you with fetching some items for her from the nearby Farmhouse. While you're there, you should make sure to get the supplies from the Lock Box. Unfortunately it's locked, but the key isn't far away.
  • The Long Dark - All Bank Deposit Box Key Locations: Most players who own The Long Dark are currently working their way through the first two episodes of Wintermute, which is the name for the game's story mode. Episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle, features a few side quests and main quests. Some of these quests will require you to hunt down a Bank Deposit Box Key for each of the four deposit boxes. Of course, you'll also have to know how to unlock the bank vault to even get to this point.

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