The Long Dark - How to Craft a Simple Arrow

The Long Dark How to Craft Simple Arrow

Assuming Fluffy doesn’t jump you in the Carter Hydro Dam early on, there comes a time in every character’s life when you must craft a Simple Arrow in The Long Dark. Even if you are lucky enough to find the Survival Bow, it’s of absolutely no use to you if you don’t also have a few Simple Arrows.

How to Craft a Simple Arrow

The Long Dark Simple Arrow
You’ll need to find and harvest at least one Green Birch Sapling to craft a Simple Arrow.

Unlike the Survival Bow, players do not need any tools to craft a Simple Arrow. However, they will need the Hunting Knife to craft one of the ingredients required to make a Simple Arrow, the Arrow Shaft. An Arrow Shaft requires one Cured Birch Sapling, and can be crafted using a Hunting Knife at a Workbench in 30 minutes. One Cured Birch Sapling can be crafted into three Arrow Shafts.

The Long Dark Arrow Shaft
The Arrow Shaft, like the Simple Arrow, can be crafted at any in-game Workbench.

Once you have your Arrow Shaft, you’ll also need to find three Crow Feathers and an Arrowhead. The Crow Feathers are found wherever you see Crows circling overhead. Make your way to the spot where they’re circling and you should find some feathers, as well as a dead body or animal carcass to loot.

The Long Dark Workbench
Clicking on a Workbench will bring up a list of things you can craft, as well as the required ingredients.

If you have the ingredients, you can begin crafting at any Workbench, and you can do so without any tools. It will take you one and a half hours per Simple Arrow, so be mindful of the weather if you’re at a Workbench that’s outside.

The Long Dark Simple Arrow Workbench
This is the finished product after going through the steps of crafting a Simple Arrow at a Workbench.

Eventually, every Simple Arrow will break, at which point it’s wise to harvest it. This will return a random number of Crow Feathers to you, as well as your Arrowhead. You won’t get the Arrow Shaft back, so it’s important to keep a nice stock of Cured Birch Saplings on hand. An extended play through will almost always require that you have a steady diet of Simple Arrows in The Long Dark.

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