Steam Summer Sale Sticker Book

The Steam Summer Sale 2017 is running from June 22nd until July 5th, and with it comes a brand-new set of quests that Steam users can complete. These quests relate to the Sticker Book. As you complete more quests, you’ll get more stickers to fill the various pages of your book.

Steam Summer Sale Sticker Book

Steam Sticker Book 2017

When you reach the main store page for Steam, the Sticker Book should be prominently displayed at the top. Clicking on this will open the main Sticker Book page.

Get Stickers

Steam Summer Sale Sticker Book

Below the initially empty album will be a list of three quests that you can complete that day. So far, most of them are very easy. You should return to the quest page each day to see what you can complete to get more stickers.

Sticker Quests

Steam Summer Sale Sticker Book Quests

As an example, we selected the quest to “Explore Your Discovery Queue.” We returned to the main store page and scrolled down to find the queue, opened it, and then clicked “Next in Queue” until we were done. We were then granted a Sticker Pack. Note that you will not receive the same sticker twice prior to completing your book.

Complete Your Sticker Book

Steam Summer Sale 2017

Return to the Steam Summer Sale Sticker Book and you should have an unopened Sticker Pack. Double click the pack to open it, and then navigate through the pages of your Sticker Book until you find the stickers you unlocked. Double click a sticker to add it to a page, and then choose the Save Changes option at the bottom.

Can You Trade Stickers?

Summer Sale Sticker Book Trading

You cannot trade stickers during the Steam Summer Sale 2017. We’re not currently aware if you will be able to trade them once the event ends.

What if I Miss a Quest?

Complete the Summer Sale Sticker Book

You will be able to go back and complete missed quests. Visit your Summer Sale progress page to see what quests you still need to complete.

As much as we’d like to write this off as complete silliness, it was fun to look at the activity page showing what our friends were playing, as well as update our preferences on what Steam shows us. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still 83 percent silly, but it’s still worth doing for five minutes per day.

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