Pokémon GO Raid Guide

This past week, Pokémon GO rolled out its new Raid feature along with the Gym update. The update was a big welcome, as it changed how players interact with Gyms, and how its new cooperative gameplay was introduced in the form of Raids.

Raids are categorized by Tiers, with Tier 1 being the easiest and Tier 5 being the hardest. As of right now, the highest Raids go are Tier 4. Tier 5 is expected be saved for Legendary Pokémon and have no release date as of right now. This guide will break down each Tier, tell you what Raid Boss’ are in that Tier, and tell you the best type of Pokémon to use against that Raid Boss.

Tier 1 Raid

Tier 1 Raids are the easiest of the bunch and can be completed by yourself. The Pokémon included in this tier are:

  • Magikarp             (Any type will work)
  • Bayleaf                 (Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, and Poison)
  • Croconaw            (Electric and Grass)
  • Quilava                 (Water, Ground, and Rock)

Tier 2 Raid

Tier 2 Raids are a little harder, but if you’re a high enough level, you can solo these as well.

  • Muk                       (Ground and Psychic)
  • Weezing              (Ground and Psychic)
  • Electabuzz           (Ground)
  • Magmar               (Water, Ground and Rock)
  • Exeggutor            (Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, and Poison)

Tier 3 Raid

Tier 3 Raids are hard to handle on your own and unless you have some strong Pokémon, you’ll need to team up with someone to take them down.

  • Vaporeon            (Electric and Grass)
  • Jolteon                 (Ground)
  • Flareon                 (Water, Ground and, Rock)
  • Arcanine              (Water, Ground, and Rock)
  • Gengar                 (Psychic, Dark, Ghost)
  • Machamp            (Flying, Psychic, and Fairy)

Tier 4 Raid

As of right now, Tier 4 Raids are the hardest and require a group effort to defeat. These Pokémon are no joke and will require your best.

  • Lapras                  (Fire, Rock, Fighting, and Steel)
  • Blastoise              (Electric and Grass)
  • Charizard            (Water, Ground and Rock)
  • Venusaur            (Fire, Flying, Ice, and Bug
  • Snorlax                (Fighting)
  • Rhydon                (Water, Ice, Ground, Grass, Steel, and Fighting)
  • Tyranitar             (Ground, Water, Fairy, Bug, Grass, Steel, and Fighting)

Tier 5 Raid

Tier 5 Raids will be the hardest, and from speculation will contain Legendary Pokémon. What Generation Pokémon it will contain is unknown, but we will cover all Legendary Pokémon from Generation One and Two.

  • Mew                     (Dark, Bug, and Ghost)
  • Mewtwo              (Dark, Bug, and Ghost)
  • Articuno               (Electric, Fire, Rock, and Steel)
  • Zapdos                 (Ice and Rock)
  • Moltres                (Electric, Water, and Rock)
  • Entei                      (Ground, Water, and Rock)
  • Raikou                  (Ground)
  • Suicune                (Electric and Grass)
  • Lugia                      (Ice, Rock, Electric, Dark, and Ghost)
  • Ho-Oh                   (Electric, Water, and Rock)
  • Celebi                    (Ice, Flying, Fire, Dark, Bug, Poison, and Ghost)

Defeating each Raid will reward you with some Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candy, and Revives, with a possibility of earning a Technical Fast or Technical Charge Move. For more information on these changes and new items click here.

Now that you know what type of Pokémon you need to use, you’ll be able to take on any Raid that stands before you.

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