How to Download the Destiny 2 Beta

It’s time to get ready, Guardian! The Destiny 2 Beta is upon us and you’re able to start downloading it for both PS4 and Xbox One right now. If you’ve pre-ordered the game, that is. You have pre-ordered, right?

You should have received a beta redemption code from your retailer by now, which you will take over to Bungie’s Redemption page. Once you’ve entered your code, you will be taken to your profile’s Redeemed Codes page.

How to Download the Destiny 2 Beta

You should see a Destiny 2 Beta section with a Platform and Region dropdown menu. Make your choice, and be certain, because you cannot change it afterwards. Note, that you do not need to redeem your beta entry on the same platform that you pre-ordered on.

Finally, you will receive your Destiny 2 Beta code that you can then take the appropriate market place or store on your chosen platform to redeem it for the download.

Note: If you pre-ordered from an official digital retailer, such as the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace, you do not have to deal with keys at all. Just find the Destiny 2 Beta in the store and download it.

How to Download the Destiny 2 Beta How to Download the Destiny 2 Beta

Get those bytes flowing and get ready to join other Guardians when the beta launches on July 18th (or 19th for Xbox One owners). If you’re wondering what to expect in the beta, have a look at our complete list of what’s available, and what isn’t.

Now that you know how to download the Destiny 2 beta, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more guides.

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