How to Do the Cliff Drop Glitch in Hitman

If you’ve spent much time watching YouTube videos to figure out how to complete various Hitman Assassination Challenges and Opportunities, you’ve no doubt seen someone pull off the cliff drop glitch while playing the World of Tomorrow mission in Sapienza. Today, I’m going to teach you how to do it, and it’s easier than you think.

Hitman Cliff Drop Glitch

Hitman Sapienza Cliff Drop Glitch
You must be at the part of the cliff where you get the option to drop down.

The cliff drop glitch in Hitman is most often utilized on the World of Tomorrow mission in Sapienza. Many YouTube commentators and speed-runners will use it to quickly get from the cliff inside the Ether Lab, to the ground where they can make their escape by plane. This glitch allows them to skip the slow process of hanging from the cliff, jumping to the pipe, and sliding down to the ground.

To do this glitch, simply equip a pistol and point it at the ground while you’re near the cliff. Walk towards the cliff with the pistol still pointed, and as you get to the edge of the cliff, press the drop button. For the PS4 this would be the Circle button but default, and for the Xbox One you would press B by default.

Hitman World of Tomorrow Cliff Drop Glitch

If you’ve done it correctly, Agent 47 will drop off the cliff and land on the ground without taking any damage. For some this simply saves the inconvenience of climbing down, but for others, it’s a way to trim precious seconds off their time and climb up the Leaderboards.
While this cliff drop glitch doesn’t really apply to the Landslide bonus mission in Hitman, learning how to get the Car Key is essential to putting together a good run, as is knowing where to find the Speedboat Key on the same mission.

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