7 Things to Know Before Starting the Destiny 2 Beta

The Destiny 2 beta is upon us, and with only a few days of time available, we’ve collected seven useful tips to be aware of when you dive in.

  1. The Titan’s Sentinel Shield super has two functions. By pressing and holding down L1 + R1 (or LB + RB on Xbox One) you can generate a protective shield reminiscent of the Defender Titan bubble. Simply quick tapping L1 + R1 (or LB + RB on Xbox One) let’s you summon a shield that will make you feel like a blade-dancing Captain America.
  2. In addition to the familiar sub-classes, all the new sub-classes (Sentinel Titan, Arcstrider Hunter, and Dawnblade Warlock) are fully unlocked in the beta, so be sure to mix and match the different settings to try out a variety of powers, grenades, and skills.
  3. Speaking of skills, Destiny 2 introduces class skills, another set of powers that your Guardian has access to. The Titan can create a protective barricade of varying sizes, while the Warlock creates a rift pool that either heals or increases weapons damage. The Hunter can dodge in two different ways, either reloading their weapon or recharging their melee ability.
  4. Weapon types are new in Destiny 2. Gone are the concepts of Primary, Special, and Heavy weapons. Though their colors remain, the three weapon types are now Kinetic, Energy, and Power. This allows for entirely new combinations of weapon loadouts that we’re excited to try out.
  5. The story mission that kicks off the beta, Homecoming, cannot be replayed after completing it, unless you create a new character from scratch. This isn’t a big deal since all progress will be reset when the game finally launches, but it’s worth taking your time with this mission regardless. Don’t rush it.
  6. The Cabal brought their pets. Vicious, heavily armored pets that like to attack in groups. If you’ve ever felt bad about killing four-legged creatures in a game, you won’t this time because these War Beasts are a real pain.
  7. Don’t forget that The Farm, the new social space in Destiny 2, will only be available for one hour on Sunday, July 23rd, at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Set your alarm and don’t miss out on this preview.

With these tips, you should be able to get the most enjoyment out of your limited preview with Destiny 2 this week. Be sure to spend some time in PvP as well and see if you can collect all three exotic weapons and three unique armor sets per class. You’ve been challenged, Guardian.

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