Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough

The Inverted Spire strike takes place in the Arcadian Valley on the surface of Nessus and is the first strike Guardians will encounter in Destiny 2. The flavor text in the Director reads “The Cabal awoke something deep beneath the surface of Nessus. Follow them below and put an end to their plans.”

This seems simple enough, and the strike starts off rather tame. Once dropped on the ground, your team of Guardians is tasked with Investigating the Cabal, which boils down to follow your compass and cleaning up an ongoing fight between the Vex and the Cabal. Fight your way through the warring groups, paying extra mind to sniping Hobgoblins, until you reach a Conflux. Upon activating your ghost on it, a group of platforms will materialize, allowing you to cross over to the next section of the strike.

Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough

After the brief jumping puzzle and a hop through a portal, you’ll be ambushed by a squad of Cabal. Once you’ve dispatched them and taken another portal-induced flight past waterfalls of “Vex Milk”, you’ll reach the next area of the strike, known as The Anchor.

Once again, you’ll run into the middle of a fight between Cabal and the Vex, both of whom provide a fair challenge to your Guardians. The Cabal will be throwing heavily shielded Phalanxes as well as Incediors at you, while the Vex will attempt to kill you with several Minotaurs and more sniping Hobgoblins. Use the terrain to your advantage here, as there are several routes to the far side of the battlefield. You can traverse part of it along the top and take advantage of long sight lines, or you can walk underneath part of the battle until reaching a portal that catapults you back up.

Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough

As you make your way towards the Drilling Site, you will be faced with several groups of enemies, comprised of everything from Gladiators looking to turn you into sliced lunchmeat, to War Beasts who seem to not have been fed in a while. Take care not be fall off the various ledges or get swarmed by enemies out in the open.

When you reach the Drilling Site, you’re tasked with eliminating two Drill Officers, which are heavily shield and surrounded by bodyguards. They also tend to hide inside buildings, making your approach somewhat treacherous. This would be an ideal time to pop a Sentinel Titan or Arcstrider Hunter super ability. Eliminate the security teams and look for the switch to flip which will allow you to jump across onto the Drilling Platform.

Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough

Once on the Drilling Platform, dispatch of any Cabal that stand in your way, and drop down to the control room. Activate your Ghost on the structure in the center and get ready for several waves of Cabal arriving. It’s easy to get overrun by large groups of War Beasts and Gladiators, so be prepared to throw up a Rally Barricade or two and lay on the trigger. Once the onslaught has passed, you can jump through a gravity lift and on to the next section of the strike.

After you’ve made your way to the massive drilling machine, ignoring any sniping Hobgoblins on the right upper ledges, you’ll be faced with what may be the most frustrating section of The Inverted Spire strike. You’ll have to time your run across various levels of the dig site while avoiding the giant shovel arms that will shred you if you come too close. It’s tempting to fight the enemies along the way, but you may be better served by trying to time a run along the right side of the dig site until you reach a doorway that leads further underground.

Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough

Once you proceed through the dark corridors, you will eventually reach an ornate room with a large drop-off to where the final boss fight will take place. There’s no need to look for cheese spots now. As soon as one Guardian drops to the bottom, the rest of the fireteam will be forced down as well.

Protheon, Modular Mind

Protheon, Modular Mind, will spawn as soon as you clear the arena of Harpies, and he’s no slouch. A large, Minotaur-looking boss, his crit spot is his head which is thankfully easy to hit. The first round of your encounter will him will include several waves of Harpies which can easily overwhelm an unprepared fireteam. Remember to always clear out those mobs of enemies before focusing your fire on the Modular Mind. Once you’ve damaged him to two-thirds of his health, the floor will give way and you’ll drop down to a smaller platform.

Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough

Continue your fight on this second level, once again focusing on adds before damaging down the boss. Be aware that at set intervals Protheon will turn the floor into lava, damaging anyone that’s still in contact with it. A red glow will give you some warning and should prompt you to seek the safety of a nearby pillar. It can get frantic here because there is less cover available and Hobgoblins are deadly if left unattended.

When you have once again done enough damage to the Modular Mind, the floor will disintegrate a final time, giving way to the platform surrounded in Vex Milk that is not good for your health. The style of battle doesn’t change much here. Just clear out the waves of enemies and try to keep an eye on the boss who will teleport when you least expect it. A good distribution of your fireteam helps avoid getting wiped, as will some patience when it comes to the battle. Take your time and prioritize the highest threat, which is not always Protheon himself.

Destiny 2 - The Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough

You’ll know you’ve almost won the fight when Fanatics appear on the battlefield and Protheon enters an enraged state of increased speed and generally heightened aggressiveness. Bear down on him one last time and when it shatters into dust, you will have bested The Inverted Spire strike.

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