Pokémon GO Lugia Raid Guide

The Legendary bird Lugia has appeared in Pokémon GO and is available as a Tier 5 Raid Boss. Along with Articuno, Lugia was unlocked at Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago. This guide will break down what Pokémon to use against this Psychic/Flying type Legendary.

Lugia is an interesting combination of both Psychic and Flying, and what makes this Pokémon more interesting is that it can use the Charged move Hydro Pump. If the Lugia you’re facing has Hydro Pump, you will need to rethink your strategy. The type of Pokémon you want to use are Dark, Rock, Ice, Electric, and Ghost.

Pokémon GO Lugia Raid Guide


Just like with Articuno, and for the rest of the Legendary Birds, Golem is going to be a go to Rock and Ground type Pokémon. Rock Throw and Stone Edge will want to be your move set of choice, as it’s effective against Flying type. Be wary, though, as Lugia is able to use the move Hydro Pump, which is super effective against Golem. If Lugia is using this Charged move, you may want to go a different route.


This Dark and Rock type Pokémon will be able to pack the punch you need against Lugia. With a move set combination of Bite and Crunch or Bite and Stone Edge, you’ll be able to dish out the damage and take the damage as well.


The Dark type evolution of Eevee is great choice against Lugia. What it lacks in attack, it makes up for in defense. A move set of Snarl and Foul Play are the best combination to have, but Feint Attack and Foul Play are just as good as well.

Pokémon GO Lugia Raid Guide Pokémon GO Lugia Raid Guide


This Ice and Water type Pokémon is going to be very helpful, as it will be able to take a lot of damage.  Any Fast move of Frost Breath and Ice Shard, combined with Ice Beam and Blizzard, will be great against Lugia.


If you’re wondering why Gyarados, it’s because this Water and Flying type has the chance of having the Dark type moves. Those Dark types moves I’m talking about are Bite and Crunch. If the Lugia you’re up against has Hydro Pump, Gyarados is your Pokémon as it will not have much effect on it.

After defeating this Gen 2 Legendary Lugia and adding it to your PokéDex, it will be a great addition to use in Raids and Gym battles.

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