Pokémon GO Moltres Raid Guide

To continue the Legendary Summer in Pokémon GO, Moltres will be making an appearance in Tier 5 Raids starting Monday July, 31. This guide will help you pick out the best Pokémon to use against this Fire/Flying type Legendary.

Moltres is a combination of both Fire and Flying type, which means that once again Rock type moves will have double effectiveness against it. The types you want to use against Moltres are Rock, Water, and Electric.


Once again, Golem is going to be one of the main Pokémon to have on your team as you face Moltres. Rock Throw and Stone Edge are the move set you will want to have as they are both Rock type moves and will double the damage.


Vaporeon is the water evolution of Eevee and is the best Water type you can have on your team. The best move set to have is Water Gun and Hydro Pump, but a combination of Water Gun and Aqua Tail will do the job as well.

Pokémon GO Moltres Raid Guide Pokémon GO Moltres Raid Guide


Feraligatr is the final evolution of Totodile, and is a very formidable Pokémon to use against Fire type. The best move set you want to have is Water Gun and Hydro Pump as it will do more damage against Moltres. A combination of Bite and Hydro Pump isn’t bad either, and can be used if you don’t have Water Gun.


Lanturn may be an odd choice to have in your lineup, but it is both a Water and Electric type. A move set of Charge Beam and Thunderbolt are the best ones to have, but having Charge Beam and Hydro Pump are excellent as well.

Pokémon GO Moltres Raid Guide


This fossil Pokémon is Rock and Water, meaning it will be able to absorb the fire damage that Moltres spits out. The best move set you want to have is Mud Shot and Stone Edge, or Mud Shot and Ancient Power to dish out the most damage.

After using these Pokémon to take out the Legendary Moltres and catching it, you’ll truly have a great Fire type to be able to use in your lineup in Raids and when attacking Gyms.

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