Destiny 2 - Countdown PvP Guide

Destiny 2 includes a new PvP competitive mode called Countdown, which is like the mode Search and Destroy in Call of Duty. You are either defending an objective from being blown up, or you’re setting the charge to blow up the objective, with teams alternating each round. While this mode is like its CoD counterpart, it still has that Destiny twist to it that sets it apart. This guide will cover defending, attacking, revives, objective points, and class identification.


Defending the objective in Countdown is no easy task. You and your team must prevent the attacking team from planting the explosive, all while staying alive. If your team gets wiped out or fails to disarm the explosive, you lose the round. Even if you manage to clear all enemies after a bomb is planted, you still have to disarm it.


When attacking in Countdown, you have a choice between two different objectives to take. Each objective has its advantages and disadvantages. One may provide better firing cover, while the other is an open area and is approachable from all sides. As an attacker, your main goal is blow up an objective, but if you take out defending team in the process, you win the round.

Destiny 2 - Countdown PvP Guide


One of the twists in this game is the ability to revive a fallen teammate. Reviving a teammate allows you to take back the advantage, or even up the numbers on the playing field. Use your revives wisely, though, because you are only allowed four per round. If you die it takes a revive away, meaning it’s one less chance for your team to pick you up.

Objective Points

You have several ways to win a round of Countdown. While defending, you can take out the attacking team before they plant the charge, or you can disarm the charge. While attacking, you can wipe out the defending team, or set the charge and blow up the objective. The team that scores six points first is declared the winner.

Destiny 2 - Countdown PvP Guide

Class Identification

At the very top center of the screen you will see four icons on the left and right. These icons depict what Class each player is. and if they have a fully charged Super Ability. If an icon is completely colored in gold, it means that person has a charged super. If anyone dies in the game the icon is replaced with a skull depicting that person is waiting to be revived.

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