The Long Dark - How to Make Rosehip Tea

The Long Dark finally got its story mode, referred to as Wintermute. Players were diving in across all major platforms on Tuesday, with new and old alike confused on how to make Rosehip Tea. You see, Rosehip Tea used to be easier to craft, but Hinterland has changed things up slightly and thrown players off.

How to Make Rosehip Tea

The Long Dark Rose Hip Bush
The first step to making Rosehip Tea is finding a Rose Hip bush and choosing the option to Harvest Rose Hips. You will need 24 to make one cup of Rosehip Tea. Luckily, Rose Hip bushes are often found in groups of three or more, with each bush containing eight.

Once you’ve picked 24 Rose Hips, open your backpack and navigate to the Recipes tab. There you will see the Prepared Rosehips option. If you have 24 Rose Hips, you should also have a checkmark over the box letting you know you can craft it. Click the Prepared Rosehips box to select it, and then click the Begin Crafting button at the bottom.

The Long Dark Prepared Rosehips
Rosehip Tea must be cooked. Find a fire or start one, and then interact with it to bring up the menu. Navigate to the Food tab, and then scroll down until you see Prepared Rosehips. With Prepared Rosehips selected, click on Cook and your Rosehip Tea will be ready in a jiffy.

The Long Dark Rosehip Tea
Rosehip Tea acts as a painkiller that will instantly heal your sprains. That’s going to become an issue for players that like to walk around on hills while carrying too much loot.

There’s a lot more to craft in The Long Dark than just Rosehip Tea, so study up on how to craft a Survival Bow, and then get busy making a Simple Arrow. Those are two essential tools to Survival Mode.

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