The Long Dark - How to Unlock the Logging Camp Trailer

During The Long Dark‘s second episode of its story mode, Wintermute, players will encounter a locked trailer in the Logging Camp on the Mystery Lake map. This trailer is locked for a reason, as it is part of the Lake Gunshots quest line. You receive this quest line as you chat with Jeremiah and raise your trust level with him.

How to get the Logging Camp Trailer Key

The Lake Gunshots quest has you exploring the lake cabins at the south end of Mystery Lake. As you explore those cabins – you can find all the keys here – you’ll find that someone has barricaded himself in one of them. Talking to him reveals that he’s one of the Forest Talkers but he’s too afraid to come out. Instead he tasks you with retrieving two items, including some supplies that are locked up in one of the Logging Camp Trailers. Then he slides the key under the door. It’s easy to miss it if you’re not paying attention!

The Long Dark - How to Unlock the Logging Camp Trailer

With the key in hand, make your way towards the logging camp which is located just to the north west of the derailment on the tracks. Of the three blue trailers, the one that’s locked will contain the Forest Talker Supplies needed for the Lake Gunshots quest. Unlock the door and enter it. Be sure to grab the backpack, which fortunately adds no extra weight to your character.

The Long Dark - How to Unlock the Logging Camp Trailer

There are plenty of other supplies in this and the other two trailers, so don’t be shy. It’s also a good place to spend the night, though there is a chance of a wolf and no indoor fireplace. The broken building does have a stove in it though, so you can cook up food and melt some snow.

When you return to the Lake Cabins and hand the guy his supplies, I have one word of advice to you: Don’t be a selfish jerk.

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