The Long Dark - How to Find Hank's Prepper Cache

Surviving in The Long Dark‘s Episode 2 of WintermuteLuminance Fugue, is a lot easier when you have plenty of access to supplies. On the Mystery Lake map, there is a particular prepper’s cache, owned by a fellow named Hank. Surely, getting in there would be beneficial to Will McKenzie’s survival.

How to Open Hank’s Hatch

Hank’s Hatch is locked with a code. In order to find the code, you have to first complete the Jeremiah’s Folly quest. This is essentially the main story quest of Episode 2, so it may take you some time to get there. After that quest, visit the Unnamed Pond on your map and you’ll find a frozen corpse near a campfire. You’ll probably spot the fire from a long distance away.

The Long Dark - How to Find Hank's Prepper Cache

Searching the body will reveal Hank’s Lock Box Key along with a note. Take the key with you and head for the Forestry Lookout Tower. It’s just to the north east of the Unnamed Pond and you can follow the Frozen Creek to the base of the mountain it’s on and then climb up to the path. It’ll lead you all the way to the top.

The Long Dark - How to Find Hank's Prepper Cache

Enter the tower and you’ll immediately see the Lock Box tucked away underneath the first bunk bed. Open it with the key and you’ll receive Hank’s Journal – Part One, as well as the code needed to open Hank’s Hatch. The code is 45 – 18 – 32. Now it’s time to start looking for the location of Hank’s Prepper Cache.

How to Find Hank’s Prepper Cache

The Long Dark - How to Find Hank's Prepper Cache The Long Dark - How to Find Hank's Prepper Cache

The entrance to Hank’s Prepper Cache is located north of the Logging Camp near a very tall rock wall. It’s tucked around the corner of a large boulder. Look for the marked spot on the map above to help guide you to its location. Once there, open the hatch using the code from the note that you’ve collected.

Poor Hank. Died right by a fire. Maybe he didn’t get enough rest?

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