How To Earn Coins In MUT

Madden 18 is finally here, and with it comes Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT as the Madden community calls it. Earning coins in MUT is simple if you know what you’re doing, and after reading this you will.

Solo Challenge

How To Earn Coins In MUT

Solo Challenge is the one of the easiest and fastest way to earn Coins in MUT. The objective of Solo Challenge is simple; face the CPU and complete the objective. Some challenges give the chance to earn bonus Coins by completing certain tasks. Just remember the further you go in Solo Challenges, the harder it becomes.


Solo Challenge may be the easiest way to earn Coins, but putting your cards up for sale you can earn some serious Coins. The trick to auctioning your cards off is to sell when the demand of a certain position or player is high. Websites like MUTHEAD give you an in-depth look at what price cards are selling for and what cards are currently most sought.


This Head to Head mode pits you against other players online while you try to lead your team to the Super Bowl. Beat your opponents to earn Coins each round. The further you go the more you will earn.

MUT Draft

How To Earn Coins In MUT

This mode lets you draft up to 20 players to put on a computer-generated team. You are given three players to choose from to make your team better. Play up to 4 Rounds, with each round getting tougher, but the possibility of earning more Coins as you move up.

Selling Cards

How To Earn Coins In MUT

Besides completing challenges, just quick selling your cards is the easiest way to earn coins. While this is something I wouldn’t recommend since you can use many cards to complete sets and upgrade other cards to get better players. You will get some cards where this is the only option, though, so make sure you’re making the right decision before you use this method.

Now that you know how to earn Coins in MUT, get out there and play until you’re swimming in wealth!

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