Madden NFL 18 - How to Do Roster Updates

Updating your Madden NFL 18 roster is easy if you’re playing MUT; that will happen automatically. However, if you’re enjoying other game modes in Madden, you might with to pick and choose between newer and older updates. Today, we’re going to teach you how to do a roster update in Madden NFL 18.

If you’re always online in Madden 18, you’ll receive a message asking if you want to update to the latest roster. To play any online game, you will need to have the most current roster. You can choose not to update and use what is currently available when you start the game as long as you play an offline mode. If you’re looking to update your roster or change it up a bit you have a couple of options.

Madden NFL 18 - How to Do Roster Updates

The first option you have is to download the updated roster from the Download Latest Rosters menu. If you made changes offline, you can save that roster and go back to it when you desire. Downloading the most up to date roster will ensure you have access to all the online features of Madden 18.

Madden NFL 18 - How to Do Roster Updates

The other option is to download a roster from the Download Community Files menu. Here, members of the community have created rosters set up to mimic official rosters with up to the date changes, while others have created rosters that may focus on one team, or have created players in them to make the game more interesting.

Now that you know how to stay up to date with the latest rosters, while checking out what the community has come up with, get out there and become the best Madden 18 player you can.

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