How to Find Adventures in Destiny 2

When you first load into the European Dead Zone in Destiny 2 there are many ways to increase your Light level, one of the simplest ways is to go on Adventures. Adventures take the form of small missions that show up on your Director. They normally involve multiple parts but are also quick to complete and, due to the way loot works in Destiny 2, they nearly always result in increasing your Light level in the early game.

Finding Adventures

Adventures are quite easy to find, showing up on your Director as a Brown Icon with a white sword on it. By clicking “X” on the icon you can track it. This will mark its location on your HUD allowing you to find it easily.

How to Find Adventures in Destiny 2

Starting Adventures

To begin your adventure, just follow the HUD indicator until you find what looks like a large metal sword sticking in the ground. Hold the indicated button to start your adventure. Adventures vary from setting up beacon relays to finding and killing powerful enemies, so make sure you have your best loot equipped to take on the challenge! Also pay close attention to the recommended Power level. Don’t bite off more than you can chew Guardian.

How to Find Adventures in Destiny 2

Precious Loot

After you have finished your Adventure you will receive your loot the same way you do after every other mission. Open your inventory and equip your new weapons or gear and watch that Light level climb. If you would prefer to keep your current items equipped that is fine, remember that in Destiny 2 you don’t need to keep putting on your best gear before unlocking Engrams.

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