Requires Sentry 4 in the Farm - How to Unlock Scouting Commander

If you’ve spent any time hanging around on The Farm in Destiny 2, you may have noticed that the firepit near the dock presents an action called “Requires Sentry 4”. In this guide we’ll show you how to achieve Sentry 4 and what to do with it when you’ve attained it.

Requires Sentry 4

Requires Sentry 4 in the Farm - How to Unlock Scouting Commander

In order to activate this jumping puzzle, you must first gain the Sentry 4 buff. In order to achieve that, you must follow these steps:

  • Reach the top of the hangar type building that Hawthorne resides in. The easiest way to get up there is via the cables from the other building to its left. Jump up onto that roof and carefully make your way across. Once you’re on the other side, you should be awarded with the Sentry 2 buff.
  • Head over to the water wheel near the soccer field and climb up to the top of it. Walk along the top of the wheel for a little bit until the Sentry 4 buff is awarded to you. You can then head back to the firepit.

Requires Sentry 4 in the Farm - How to Unlock Scouting Commander

Scouting Commander

Once you have the Sentry 4 buff, you can start the puzzle. Activate it by the firepit and you’ll see a tall beam of light near you. The idea of this puzzle is very simple. Run through each beam of light before it disappears. Each time you cross through one, another will appear.

As you run across The Farm, you’ll notice that the Sentry 4 buff has given you greatly improved jumping abilities. But be careful, it is possible to jump so high and land so hard that you can kill yourself! If you die, you will have to reacquire the Sentry buffs before you can start again. It’s safer to go slowly because if the timer runs out, you maintain your Sentry buffs and can simply start over. You’ll also see in my video that it’s possibly to miss a few jumps and still make it in time.

The beams will take you across all of the buildings in a roughly circular fashion until you return to the dock. If you manage to reach the end without being too slow, you’ll be awarded the Scouting Commander buff. We’re not entirely sure what it does, but at the very least, other Guardians will see you being able to jump insanely high!

Now that you know how to achieve Sentry 4 on the Farm, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more guides.

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