Destiny 2 - The World Eater Mission Guide

The World Eater is the name on everyone’s lips in Destiny 2 right now. Who, or what, is it? At the moment, it all remains a mystery but we can tell you how to kick start this apparent quest.

On the Comms

When you complete the main story, make your way to the EDZ. Start exploring and taking part in adventures. Upon killing a Cabal a random item will drop for you in the form of a power weapon. Examine it and you will be told to head to Nessus and collect Cabal communications. To do this, simply kill them.

The best place to find Cabal to murder is near the Cistern. There are 3 Cabal spawn areas quite close together. This area also contains a frequent Cabal Public Event. It can take quite a bit of farm to get the 5 drops that you need so prepare to put the work in.

Destiny 2 - The World Eater Mission Guide

The World Eater

When you collect the final Red Legion Communication you will simply be told to “await the world eater”. There is a lot of speculation around what this all means. Most people seem to think it is connected to the Raid and a potential Exotic Item Quest. I certainly hope so!

As we learn more we will continue to update this guide, so check back for more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for any other information you need on Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 - The World Eater Mission Guide

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