Destiny 2 - Secret Daito Room in The Tower

After completing the Destiny 2 campaign, Guardians find themselves at newly renovated Tower. As per true Bungie fashion, there are several secrets to be found at The Tower. One of them is a secret room that leads many to believe that there is a fourth faction in Destiny’s future.

How to Find the Hidden Room

Thankfully, accessing the secret Daito room is not very difficult. As you can see in the video above, Guardians must head towards the hangar and make their way up to the cat walks. From there, one simple jump will set you on the right path to finding the room. Do pay attention not to fall into the gap between the catwalk and pipes. You’d be surprised how often that happens…

After passing through various ventilation shafts, you’ll find yourself in the room itself. There is a scannable book on the table which will leave you with more questions than answers. We love it!

The Daito Faction

While none of the representatives for the known factions, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy, are anywhere to be found at The Tower, there are definitely areas set up for them. We suspect that we’ll be finding our more information about what happened to them in the near future.

After players have discovered a hidden room in The Tower, speculation is growing that the Daito company, a weapons manufacturer, may become the fourth faction at some point. Looking at the room, it certainly makes sense. It’s clear that The Tower is still widely under construction, so it would stand to reason that proper access paths will be created in a future update.

We’d love to see The Tower become a growing social space that will receive updates and new areas in each DLC that’s in Destiny 2‘s future!

Now that you know all about this secret, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more helpful guides to other secrets.

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