Destiny 2 - Mida Multi Tool Exotic Quest Guide

The Mida Multi Tool is one of the known exotics that returns in Destiny 2. The Exotic Scout Rifle was a monster in the Crucible in Destiny, and lives up to its reputation in Destiny 2.

This time around, everyone gets to share in the fun. It’s obtained from a quest instead of a random drop, which is sure to please a lot of people.

Getting the Quest

To get access to the quest you need to complete the story missions and the Enhance quest line in the EDZ. Devrim Kay will reward you with the Mida Mini Tool, a particularly vicious Submachine Gun.

Destiny 2 - Mida Multi Tool Exotic Quest Guide

Sight, Shoot, Repeat

Once you have this weapon, take it to Banshee-44 in the Tower who will give you the Sight, Shoot, Repeat quest. This quest has two steps. The first is to get fifty precision kills and the second is to eliminate multiple enemies without reloading twenty-five times. Both steps must be completed with a Scout Rifle.

Destiny 2 - Mida Multi Tool Exotic Quest Guide

Under the Hood

Once you have completed the first 2 steps, return to Banshee-44 who will give you the Under the Hood quest. To complete this part, you need to dismantle five Scout Rifles. The weapons must be rare (blue) or legendary (purple) to count towards the quest. If you do not have them in your inventory, then just play through missions and activities until you get the drops you need.

Destiny 2 - Mida Multi Tool Exotic Quest Guide

The Fall Will Kill You

When you break down your fifth and final Scout Rifle, it is again time to visit Banshee in the Tower. He has yet another mission for you.  The Fall Will Kill You step requires that you get fifty airborne kills with a Submachine Gun. Thankfully, Devrim provided us with the Mida Mini Tool earlier. If for some reason you no longer have it, you can always buy it from him again.

Destiny 2 - Mida Multi Tool Exotic Quest Guide

When you have your fifty airborne kills, return to Banshee-44 one final time to collect your Mida Multi Tool! The gun is as lethal as ever thanks to its main perk, which keeps radar active even while you aim down sights. Environmental awareness is king in the Crucible, so expect to see a lot of people running with this weapon.

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