Destiny 2 - Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon Quest Guide

Sturm is an Exotic Hand Cannon. Much like the Mida Multi-Tool and the Mida Mini-Tool, Sturm plays very well with its good friend, Drang. The two weapons have an interesting synergy, as kills with one will reload the other. This allows for a very high damage output without wasting time on reloading. It can be quite the combo in those clutch situations.

To start the quest for Sturm you first need to finish the campaign and all follow up missions on Nessus. This will get you the Drang Legendary Sidearm. It will also get you an item in your Kinetic Weapons slot called Relics of the Golden Age. To start your quest head for the Tower and talk to the Cryptarch.

A Sturm is Coming

The first step is to decrypt five Legendary engrams and one Exotic engram. The Legendary engrams can be gotten easily by ranking up with any faction. The Exotic is something you will need to farm Strikes or Public Events for. You will also need to kill 10 Fallen on Nessus with the Drang.

Destiny 2 - Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon Quest Guide

Once this is done head back to the Cryptarch, who will send you to Tyra Karn at the farm. She will reveal the next portion of the quest to you.

The Fallen Fall

The second part of this quest involves killing the Fallen on Nessus with Drang. First you need to get multiple kills without reloading. You must do this ten times. Just take down two or three Fallen in quick succession each time and you shall get through this part quickly.

The next step requires that you kill 10 powerful Fallen with Drang. This means anything with a yellow health bar. You can very easily do this part during an Ether Drill public event. All the Fallen with orange or yellow health bars count. Just make sure you kill them with Drang.

Destiny 2 - Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon Quest Guide

It’s time to visit Tyra Karn again. She will give you one more Quest mission. It takes the form of a new story mission on Nessus that you may be familiar with as a Strike. The minimum Power level is 140, so you should be well prepared for this part. Play through the Strike until you reach Kendricks-7, a Servitor. Kill It and the Quest is finished. Once that is done, you can return to Tyra and collect your new Exotic.

Destiny 2 - Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon Quest Guide

Now that you have the Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon, I strongly advise taking it for a test run with the Drang and enjoying the synergy between both weapons. As always, if you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2 be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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